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ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1

ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1 can be downloaded using Subversion at the following :


For those of you unfamiliar with Subversion,  please follow this simple guide.
Be sure to check the link as you should NOT download the files manually in your browser.

NOTE: Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is required to play the game.

Important : The current build is for sandbox play only — to let the player grasp the core mechanics of the game before game styles/modes are implemented.  There is no scoring/end to matches aside from your own personal agendas and experimenting with reactions.

What ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1 does not contain :

  • A bug-free game. (There are MANY known bugs in the current build that may inhibit the game visually and mechanically.  Please be aware that you ARE playing a BETA as such and that we are very likely aware of apparent flaws in design/presentation.)
  • A robust DBZ character roster.
  • A plentiful DBZ map set.
  • Any AI support.
  • Developed game types/modes.
  • Fully developed attacksets/skills of each character.
  • Finalized control scheme.
  • Finalized menu and GUI.
  • All planned features of the original ZEQ2 project.
  • All intended features/gameplay mechanics.

The first public beta release of ZEQ2-lite does feature the following :

  • A completely standalone program based on the ioquake3 engine.
  • Fully customizable, custom particle system.
  • Fully customizable, custom weapon system .
  • Fully customizable, custom weapon graphics system .
  • Fully customizable, custom character tier system.
  • Stepped-shader support with dynamic over-exposure.
  • Wireframe and vertex normal extrusion outline techniques.
  • Dynamic music system that adjusts music track playback based on actions/situations.
  • Tag-based character-conformed aura.
  • Rudimentary power struggling system (any attacks may collide) with visuals in place.
  • Turbo and power jumping with ball flip support.
  • Free direction and in-place Zanzoken support.
  • Full flight Soaring mode with barrel rolls/loops/etc.
  • Functional melee system with speed / stun / charge / breaker variations for highly tactical and visually accurate presentation.
  • Rich powerlevel system with intricate cross complimenting principles.
  • Hard lock-on targeting system.
  • 24 specially created music tracks feature original and Bruce Faulconer influences.
  • Many signature/unique skills per character.
  • Map : Landing
  • Character : Goku (with alternate emblem skin)
  • Character : Raditz
  • Character : Piccolo (non-caped)

Updates for the project will arrive VERY frequently, so be sure to stay focused on the information provided through this blog as additional content/code becomes available.

We have a IRC channel setup at irc.freenode.net #zeq2 . Please visit for finding out how to get connected to servers and any help/information you may need.


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