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ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 2 Preview : Krillin

Note : This character will not be available until the next version of the public build is released.



Krillin joins the fray, with some unique skills that are enough to outwit even the most powerful of warriors in the universe. His skill set includes: Scattering Beam Shot, Kamehameha, Destructo Disk and Solar Flare.


  1. WarFang76 says:

    Congrats,hope the story mode hits the net quick coz I`m really looking forward to it
    PS:Awesome multi function bar very DBZ like and logical,if U don`t fight at full U fatigue harder(try it in real life if U don`t belive me),makes total sense,probabily the best approach to ever be taken towards a DBZ game,clearily only fans can provide a fast-paced yet easy to follow and even easier to learn game.Just wish I could destroy the planet 😀

  2. GameShark428 says:

    This is coming along really well i can’t believe i actually came across such a gem i have been following this game since Lite came out and am glad to be part of this this game was even the main game of my lan party and we had an awesome time

    the main things to fix is the melee fighting and just a few bugs to squash but im betting it will be fixed real quick as you guys seem to be right on top of it all 🙂

  3. WarFang76 says:

    I agree,melee is sometimes confusing,camera switches in fast succesion makes U dizzy but it`ll be worked out this I can bet on

  4. WarFang76 says:

    Score dissapears when new ppl connect,that isnt fair coz ppl will be connecting all day long,probabily just a bug

  5. Golias says:

    AMAZING! The most perfect Krillin I`ve ever seen!
    I also agree with the previous posts, the main things to fix in my opinion are the bugs. Anyway, this game rocks

  6. WarFang76 says:

    I agree with U and I think that as I said the score bug,the melee bug,the newly found Piccolo`s shooting lots of beams from up in the air that just stop half-way before hiting the ground and Piccolo`s and Goku`s ultimate barely ever hiting the target(I mean the sp Bomb is huge and all it can do is pass under him when U R on ground)

  7. mel says:

    *grasps* for breath, that krillin is perfect, peoples heads would be flying off with that disk. this game is perfect even though its still beta…you guys might get huge after this…nice game

  8. super been says:

    one word cool

    this could just be one of the best DB games i have ever played although it is a beta. but the detail and how related to DB it realy is


    And he is small them aim him is more difficult xD

  10. MASSACRE says:

    Please, add a Paypal system to receive a donation 🙂
    I wanna be happy in help us.

  11. iFlip92 says:

    I only wish they fix the saving feature for the options in the next public release cos its gettin quite annoying now setting the resolution again and again every time u start the game up :/

  12. Lykill says:

    Hey guys great stuff. looking gud. i hope we see some nice evil characters soon. like frieza or cell. but the best games take time so take ur time with it. 😉

  13. Belsy says:

    When will this be out? anytime soon 😀

  14. Drdre25 says:


  15. lykill says:

    A story mode will be great. so what do u guys think will there story mode yes!no! or maybe!

  16. Eatmyblood says:

    Fuck these guys r awsome

  17. clarens says:

    Can you make goku able to transform to super sayian

  18. Announames says:

    that won’t happen til freeza saga beta

  19. I mean would it hurt to throw in a ssj bardock or something

  20. Bananas Gorilla says:

    I agree with eat my blood this game fucking rules please do a cool tien character make his tri-beam like the one he done vs imperfect cell

  21. Matuxas says:

    when i can download publixc beta 2??????????

  22. nICK says:

    yo game awesome except i cant use the mods

  23. Eatmyblood says:

    Vegetas Final Flash has to be huge like in the series

  24. im fucking tired to wait says:

    when is the loving public beta 2 realesed??

  25. julio says:

    como fasso para jogar online e liberar fases e os carinha
    espero q resondam vlww..

  26. Zerox says:

    I guess the game is really great but i cant play because there aure no server where I can play -.- thx zeq team to keep the servers alive

  27. nabako says:

    what a poo when will this be released

  28. Lykill says:

    Hey guys. Its been a long time since i commented. i watched the new video clip and must say its looking good. cant wait. Love ur work will always come and take a look at how things are doing, and dont leaves in the dark guys. we love the teasers u guys post. i will love to see some more. thanxs for the awesome DBZ game.

  29. war says:

    man how do u transform?

  30. ??? says:

    i don’t no

  31. Alan says:


  32. SanGokuSSJ2 says:

    Yes gve me a download link of a beta version 2 please!!! 🙁

  33. ahmed says:

    do u guys know wht buttons to press to transform plz tell me at [email protected]

  34. udvary94 says:

    server please….
    Server , and go to fight 😉

  35. XBladeist says:

    well can i have a question how do you make the game play fast and normal without any delays?

  36. PrinceVegeta says:

    when is ready PublikBeta2????????/

  37. NKR says:

    Patiently waiting….

  38. Loopymatpi says:

    I can’t believe how awesome this game is AND it’s still in Beta… You guys are the best!

  39. ADAM says:

    can some on tell me how to play some one online

  40. Quintin says:

    Ok i downloaded the game. When i go to play and then create then i onley have one map to pic from and canot add bots. Also cant pic a difrent hero, it onley gives me Goku. Please can you help me i do not know what to do, i am new to the game. Everyone says its a gr8 game and from wt i have seen it is but id like to be able to give it a proper run.

    Thanks Quintin

    [email protected]

  41. iceboy says:


  42. ntandok9 says:

    i cant power up and i only have 3 people help me plz

  43. stantheman says:

    Press F + D to power up…….

  44. shiki says:

    Hi there,

    just wanted to know if you guys are still working on the project, and if you really want to release a beta 2.

    i just downloaded beta 1 and its really fun, hope u guys dont quit ..

    Looking forward to Beta 2 😉

  45. Lakester98 says:

    I love this game. But since no one plays the real version I might be forced to play the Beta 😛
    Also a story mode would make the game fun just in case someone doesn’t want to play against real people.
    Also MAKE TRANSFORMATIONS! Super Saiyan Kaioken Something!

  46. Chris1811 says:

    stimmt das dass dieses neue spiel morgen raus kommt?

  47. Also, if youre planning on lying just to get a laptop, PLEASE dont. Chances are you wont run into dumbness like that.

  48. Miszczu says:

    Could someone tell when BETA 2 will be released, please?
    I can’t wait all of those characters and maps together.

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