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Simple SVN Guide

  1. Download Tortoise SVN.
  2. Install.
  3. Reboot Computer.
  4. Create a new folder anywhere.
  5. Right click folder and select SVN Checkout
  6. Enter the URL of your repository and hit ok.
  7. Wait for all files to download to the folder.
  8. Launch program and enjoy
  9. You may right click the folder and perform an SVN Update at any point later after we’ve announced an update to automatically get the new files.


  1. Dj osama says:

    again i don’t mean to leave so many back to back posts but.. is there a specific port number i need and also i have super sayian2 gohan in my game will these mods affect internet connection or p2p connecting in anyway?

  2. SuperCartoon says:

    i cant seem to get it cause i dont get it i downloaded the file and requirments and now what do i do…..pls help me i am a really biiiiiiiig dbz fan and i want to introduce my friends to this online game…

  3. ilias says:

    what the caracteristics of the computer we need to play this game??

  4. KURAC says:

    yo yo yo x:XADA:D:ASDASD

  5. Jaguar says:

    First of all guys, make sure that you have installed Visual C++ 2008 and 2005, the lastest graphic drivers for your card and Direct X last version.

    In order to play ZEQ2lite you also need to download Tortoise SVN and install it. After installing SVN, make sure you update your ZEQ2 main folder with SVN.

    Right Click > update

    Have fun

  6. Jaguar says:

    Also, if the game lags alot.. make sure you have lowered the graphic detail settings from the game menu.

  7. goku says:

    thanks i install everythink works fine i dont have any problems 🙂

  8. alex says:


  9. alex says:

    c’mon i want characters

  10. ahmed says:

    hi can any u guys send me addons folder here is my email:aeltom19@hotmail.co.uk in return ill give u vegetto thx to any who does i keep my promises i swear to god

  11. ozstarlite says:


    turtoise SVN doesn’t work. I have windows 7 64 Bits. Do you know an alternative software or a x64 version of it ?

  12. ozstarlite says:

    Sorry for the double post.

    You need the 64 bits version of turtoise SVN, i tried it, it worked

  13. gokuu says:

    hey join my server my ip adress is

  14. Tak the Juju King says:

    Couldn’t they have made it a non-download game? Lot easier that way…

  15. […] and Media folders also exist from the root should you want access to them.  Please use the SVN Guide for information on checking out and obtaining these files […]

  16. bybejita says:


  17. ^^!!..? says:

    Well thanks the download is in progress and the 24/7 servers are

    1. asisdead.no-ip.org
    2. zeq2lite.no-ip.org

    Good Luck !> 🙂

  18. Mark says:

    Im sorry but i downloaded and rebooted but when i right clicked no SVN checkout.

  19. V.N.Recon says:

    Downloading! Really hope it works. 😀

  20. sadon says:

    why do we need this? i dl it without it and it worked fine..

  21. bye says:

    what is URL?

  22. gramer says:

    hey im big dbz fan but most of the stuff you say is 100% out of date the pictures and words u sue are for an old version of the tortiese thing and what you say to do doest come with it so please update is becouse my version wont work 🙂 a big fan keep up the work ppl i wish i could help but well i dont think i have pc skills..

  23. koller44 says:

    EN:this speed is crap…………… 200kb/s-5kb/s-200kb/s-5kb/s !!!\
    PL:Prędkość jest tu strasznie wolna spada wzrasta masakra

  24. Matchstckgmr says:

    this download thing does not work for a mac is there a way I can get this for mac I want to play this game.

  25. Dorius says:

    i take turtoise svn for 64 bits but when i press right click to main folder of zeq2 is not show me any update just check out andturtoise svn

  26. Joe says:

    Works like a charm, thanks!

  27. Dorius says:

    i have a problem i download the game and when i want to play i can because its works like i don’t have the system requirments what i need but i can’t belive 4gb ram and a dual quad processor i s not what the game need because i play that game on my cousin and he have 512mb ram and simple processor and is working perfect what i must to do and i have windows7 64x

  28. Need help says:

    Pls i need help if i start zeq2 then is there an error its saying ” Hunk data failed to allocate 786 megs.Copy console in the clipboard?” PLS HELP I WANT TO PLAY THIS GOOOOOOD GAME

  29. Slayer9116 says:

    I’m having problems. I can’t update. I click the update thing and I can only get to revision 33. Help!

  30. Blah says:

    on step 5 theres no svn checkout option 🙁 help?

  31. Q-SeNs says:

    That Tortoise SVN thing is super cool!
    I wish more applications use it.
    Looks a bit like linux and repos.
    Lovely <3

  32. gotenn34 says:

    i have a problem…when i want to play on 24/7 server it says:protocol 75 in use what should i do??????????

  33. vicky says:

    hey frndz i m a very big fan of dbz and i want to download the Zeq2 public beta what should i do and where should i download it plz reply any help of urs will be appreciated!!!!!

  34. Drakin says:

    Works perfectly,thanks!

  35. Drakin says:

    sorry for the double post but when i try to enter a server it says awaiting challenge and it counts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc.any help?

  36. Majin Vegeta Fan says:

    Um, it’s taking forever to figure out my required disk space. Is that a problem?

  37. […] 1: Download TortoiseSVn, make sure 64bit users have the 64bit version. And install […]

  38. I visited a lot of website but I believe this one has got something extra in it. “We’re not quite so bumbling and hopeless as you like to think.” by Nigel Kneale.

  39. lucas says:

    Como vira ssj nesse dbz?

  40. ash says:

    repository means………….??

  41. Legendgoten says:

    How to download zeq2 and what website do I download it from please help me ?

  42. Legendgoten says:

    Sorry to ask but can someone help me ?

  43. ByNzZ says:

    I download SVN and I install it, But when I go right click folder and select SVN Checkout there is a problem then writes “The System cannon find the path specified” Plz help. Sorry for bad English.

  44. Legendgoten says:

    i downloaded the svn and made a new folder but when i right click i dont see svn check out how to get to svn check out ?

  45. Jogeta says:

    Well ………… m trying it again i left this game a long time ago cuz it showed me a new game its name is Dragon Ball Online Taiwan(easier to make account) CHECK IT OUT !!!!!!!!!!!

    But my char is of 70 i remembered this game now & heared a lot of updates have came so i rlly gonna try it

    Check out dbocom.com !

  46. cande says:

    hola tengo 11 años y no puedo intalar las cosas
    no entiendo su manera de intalarlo

  47. spdjwadnfiscnfwuasdkjwfa says:

    Excuse me, uh, how is it you get the 64-bit version of TortoiseSVN? I may seem a bit stupid, it’s probably, obvious, but lol, this is one of my more retarded days.

  48. Vegeta says:

    Can anyone tell me why can’t I turn vegeta a super saiyan

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