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Story I wrote for fun in class *laughing out loud*

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((Un-named; had no plot intended yet, so Give me ideas! It's during the Cell Saga but Cell is already defeated... and It may be a little soonish but It's a FanFiction story of mine I'll be posting if I can get a plot going!... Yeah ^^; Tell me what I need to change and what needs to be added PLEASE!))

Chapter 1: Sayians get a surprise!

A sudden outburst of energy flowed threw the area as a building started to crumble into the hard destructed cemented ground. Rubble flaring outward as dust picked up, a hard gut-clenching scream echoed threw the rubble of the broken building… This figure came flying down at a blistering speed into the rubble and all could be heard was a cracking sound, with a bolt of lighting flashing upwards from the rubble.


I paining scream of a young child was sounded, the figure leaped back and slowly the ground around the crumpled building caved inwards and no sounds were made, the figure had a firm smirk on his face as his form was built and had a blasting golden aura flaring up his body like flames, his pure gold hair spiked up to a tip and coiled teal eyes daring others to challenge him, his arms crossed at his lower chest as he begun to walk in the other direction.

After a few moments of this figure walking away, a burst of light flashed behind him, surprising him as he was sent down into the ground slamming and crashing threw a few buildings, once coming to a stop; he was now holding his side neck which had been struck by the boy who he’d sent into the building before. Standing not that far away now was a aura bigger then his own; flaring like a Lloyds wrath, his hair spiked up with a single spike sticking out a bit, his teal/blue eye nearly hissing like dangerous tigers reading to pounce.

”Vegeta! You’re a fool to think you can beat me down… My father would never let me be beaten so easily!” the boy shouted so Vegeta could hear nice and clear.

Vegeta’s sayian ears twitched as he stood up slowly and growled, clenching his fists “I’m the prince of all sayians! I’m NO FOOL!” his words rang harsh as he charged at the boy while shouting “Kakaorots brother shall never beat me! Gohan will be a name of a soul!”

Gohan took a single breath before raising his hand outwards towards Vegeta, his hand sparking with energy as a beam of light shot towards Vegeta that was unexpecting such a powerful attack.

Vegeta took the hit with his arms crossed at his chest, deflecting the attack up into the sky, but Gohan braught his hands down and the beam shot straight at Vegeta’s head… Vegeta swiftly rotated in mid air and avoided it, only to get struck in the side by a firm foot causing Vegeta to spat up spit and blood.

Gohan wipped around and gave another firm kick to Vegeta’s skull sending him straight into the blast that he had going up into the air, Vegeta flew into it and a huge explosion erupted sending a few shards of Vegeta’s Sayian armor to the ground.

Gohan smirked and sighed deeply thinking it was over now, powering down his hair went jet black and no longer spikey; his eyes a dark brown with a heavy smile on his lips as he sat down, waiting to see what would happen.
’Vegeta has gotten stronger… but he’ll never beat me with his attitude and not thinking quick enough’

Vegeta was behind in no time, his foot arching back and swinging hard with energy engulfing his foot, a bone snapping sound cracked the air as Gohan screamed loudly as he went flying into a near by mountain and almost cracked threw it.

Gohan was down for the count as he went unconscious, Vegeta slowly raised his hand up towards the nearly destructed mountain and started to charge one of his most favorite attacks, but slowly lowered his hand down and smirked his devilish strong pride smirk.

”brother… worthless half breed! YOU SHALL NEVER BEAT ME! AHHHH!!” his energy erupted like a new born flame as he powered up, but suddenly he coughed and winched; falling to the ground with a hard thump and went out of Super Sayian, his hair jet black but still spiky and his eyes dark coiled black like ink.

They both laid there, till there health finally regained enough to awake… Seemly waking at the same time as they both got up; slowly winching and holding body parts out of the pain, flying out and meeting each other in the destructive area and grinning at each other like wild beasts…

”That was indeed a hefty spar Vegeta… We have to do it again Real soon!” Gohan grinned with his beat up body, shaking lightly.

Vegeta was no different as he was holding onto his limp arm “Of course! You’re the only brother I can beat up on to get stronger… We’ll spar tomorrow!” Vegeta barked orders as he winched at each movement of his body.

”Vegeta….I can’t… Remember?! I have to go to school…” Gohan was still young (Cell Saga) and had a mother that had a demonic wrath.

Vegeta growled and raised his fist to punch Gohan but stopped and sighed… “Oh yes…Chichi…that she-demon…. Gah! Grow up and take control over the hou-“ Vegeta’s words were cut short as a phone started to ring…Vegeta raised a brow before walking over to a knapsack bag and opened it up, pulling out his scouter and clipped it onto his left ear, the little window arched around to his left eye as he spoke “Speak…”

Suddenly he screeched as a loud booming voice rang out even clear enough for Gohan to hear “WHERE ARE YOU VEGETA?! I HEARD YOU DESTROYED A PIECE OF SOUTH CITY! VEGETA GET-HOME-NOW!” and it stopped... Vegeta holding his ears and whimpering like a dog as his tail uncoiled from his waist and twitched franticly from side to side.

Gohan burst out laughing as he slowly rose into the air “Yeah… Man of the house eh Vegeta?” with that he burst into energy and laughed hard as he flew off in the direction of his house… Vegeta noted this and growled “I’LL GET YOU GOHAN!” his voice rang out, only to make Gohan laugh more as they both flew home.

Finally getting home for Gohan, he landed holding his right arm and slightly having a limp on his left leg… a few places scratched and his clothes torn and tattered in embarrassing places and also other areas. Gohan walked into his house slowly, tip toeing as best as he could until suddenly… ‘SMACK!’ a frying pan hit Gohan’s head hard! He went down fast and slammed into the firm wooden floor as he held his head “Owww!!! Mommmm! What was that for!?” rubbing his head as Chichi stood over him with a angered look in her eyes.

Chi-Chi raised her hand up and smacked him upside the head “Gohan! You destroyed half of south city with that … Beast Vageta!!! How could you do something like that?!” Chi-chi’s voice was stern and firm as she waited patiently for an answer.

Gohan sat up slowly rubbing his sore head as he felt a light bump now.. hissing at each touch of it. “I don’t know… Vegeta started it and we … got carried away… I’m sorry mom… “ Gohan lowered his head and looked at the ground with a sad look in his eye.

Chi-chi crossed her arms and rubbed her forehead a little before sighing “Your grounded Gohan, so … go to your room, I’ll bring up dinner later… Don’t suspect much either... and clean your self up!”

Gohan didn’t waist a second of time as he crawled fast up the stairs despite his injuries and such; he was in his room in seconds with the door closed and in the bathroom cleaning his wounds and taking a nice cold shower to sooth his sore muscles.

Vegeta finally got home and had the rather same greeting, Frying pan to the head and a scolding from heck from a screeching blue haired wife named Bulma. Vegeta didn’t have a ending such as Gohan’s though. After the yelling and such, he had his dinner that could feed a family of Ten and so on, after eating he had Bulma clean his wounds and they shared a ‘nice’ shower together.

Bulma sighed deeply and purred into his ear as she lowered her self against his rough strong chest, loving the gentle yet firm hot water rush over there bodies… after a few moments she looked up at Vegeta and had a deep crimson blush as she twiddled her thumbs with his tail… having something to say, but can’t choke up the words…

”Ve…Vegeta-san…?” her words, cute and sweet… innocent and soft…scared and needing security. Vegeta raised his brow slightly as he was almost asleep during the sensation of the hot water… “What onna...?”

Bulma shifted her gaze down before whispering something… soft and gentle as possible… Vegeta’s ears perked up slightly as his eyes were wider then dinner plates.. “WHAT?!?!?!?!?! HOW?!?!?! WHEN!??!?!?” his words rang threw the bathroom startling Bulma a little.

”Well, … a week ago… when we first tried out relationship… to the next level… and Well… Tada?” her voice rang lightly with a hint of amusement at Vegeta’s reaction.

Vegeta was so shocked, his eyes rolled back in his head as he came collapsing to the floor with a hard thump! … Bulma screeched yet again and tried to wake him up, but it was no use.. he was out cold from lack of energy AND Shock!

Gohan was out of the shower now, resting on his bed with a gentle sigh as he closed his eyes…Suddenly Chi-chi knocked on the door and in she entered, Gohan placed down his book that he quickly got as he heard the knock “Yes mom?” his voice was as sweet as possible…

Chi-chi slowly sat down at the side of his bed near Gohan and looked a little akward, her cheeks flushed with redness and her eyes watery with ether pain or joy…could not be told by her looks, her hands clenching the apron that rested around her waist… “Gohan… I have something to share… When your father was here… before the Cell Games… well… I’m going to be having a ……. “ her words cut off as Gohan shot up on his bed and shouted “YOUR PREGNANT?!” his eyes nearly budging from his eye sockets.

Chi-chi blushed worse and nodded lightly, Gohan couldn’t help it…he fell off the bed with a hard thud making Chi-chi jump up and tend to her fainted little man of the house…

After awhile, Gohan finally came too with a cold rag on his head and his mother sitting beside him on a chair beside his bed. “Hello hun, how you feeling…?” Chi-chi whispered gently.
Gohan shook his head and rubbed it slightly “I had this weirdest dream that you told me you was pregnant and then I fainted…” chuckling a little at the thought…But Chi-chi didn’t say anything… her eyes adverted to look down at the bed sheets as Gohan soon got the point… “….oh…. not a dream…” Chi-chi only shook her head and got a light giggle as she stood up “I’m going to go get my big man some dinner… Also I got a strong craving for Apples and jelly…” Chi-chi took off out of the room, leaving Gohan speechless…

Gohan ran over to the phone and picked it up, dialing the first number in his mind…

’ring ring… ring.. ring ring…’ -click- “Capsual Corporation, Bulma Brief how may I help you?” Bulma’s voice was chipper and sweet as she spoke.

Gohan raised a brow at the easy going voice and shrugged it off “My mom is pregnant!!! Is Vegeta there?!” All he heard was a lot of laughing and giggling like something was Extremly funny!

Bulma spoke after a few minutes to catch her breath “So am I, so Vegeta passed out and still yet to wake… I already know about Chi-chi though… we did a test together!”
Gohan dropped the phone and now finding out the two most important families to him on earth are gonna have new lifes braught into his world.

Gohan quickly grabbed the phone and nearly wanted to shout “Congratulations! Me and mom are gonna come live there till it’s time! I don’t want her doing much work and you got many many butlers and stuff is that okay Bulma?!”

Bulma thought for a moment and smiled “Of course Gohan, bring her over tomorrow… we can do a lot of shoppin together!”

Gohan smiled and said his thanks and many congrats before he hung up and ran down the stairs into the kitchen where he sat down waiting for his food as his mother cooked it.

The other Z-warriors soon found out of the new lifes as soon as Chi-Chi and Gohan moved in with Bulma and Vegeta for awhile, the Z-warriors visited as much as possible and gave there congrats nearly every day!

Vegeta and Gohan made the best of their time by sparing and training intencly in the Gravity Chambers. Finally days started to show on the women as there bellies begun to grow, and Gohan and Vegeta had to do some house chores despite there was so many damned servants and such!

Vegeta scrowled at the woman when they asked for the stupidest things “Why do you not get up and get your damned disgusting taste in food your self you lazy fat fools!” that got him a few knots on his head by twin Frying pans, Gohan was very careful with his words and actions as he did Everything the women told him to do… Even dress up in a tux for some odd reason, but mothers will be mothers.

Vegeta groaned in displeasure as he was also told to wear a tux along side Gohan and they looked rather nice in the awesome tainted ink colored black tux’s with chipper slits and holo tied ties.

Gohan soon begun to get irritated by the harsh words and damands from his mother and Bulma, but he knew it was not ment to take likely since they was moody, but Vegeta was rubbing off on him now… “MOM! BULMA! dance with me!” this got him beat up rather bad by Vegeta for using such words towards his wife and even the boys mother… but it more of ended in a strong spar!

Vegeta’s fist came spinning forward into the boys gut, sending him back threw a wall before he shot towards the boy, swinging a kick upwards towards his jaw, but it went threw a after image as the boy came sweeping around and slammed both feet into Vegeta’s spine, sending him skidding along the marbled floor which now had a rather big skid crack in it as Vegeta slowly stood up, blood seeped from his mouth slightly as he powered up and spun around charging at Gohan.

Gohan whipped up with quick backflip sending his right food into Vegeta’s jaw, pushing up from the ground and sending his left foot straight into Vegeta’s lower region, making his face turnage with pain, Gohan was on his hands upside down as he span around firmly with his feet out in a stretched angel and slammed his foot hard against Vegeta’s side before pushing up yet again and diving his fist into Vegeta’s cheek.

Vegeta was coughing now, as he fell to the floor, forcing him self up by the back of his elbows and fired a deathly blast into Gohan’s face; Gohan screeching in a light yelp of pain as he flew past the women into a near by wall..

Bulma and Chi-chi relaxed back watching tv as they also watched the two fight, it was interesting and fun to pass the time with knowing the two would be okay in the end.

Gohan was charging past the women again and was sent back Yet again by a strong golden aura fist as he went threw a few other walls; he roared up a bit in the air to stop him self from crashing threw the whole building it’s self and transformed into Super Sayian, the walls around him caved inwards as he charged at Vegeta who was already Super Sayian, there fists colliding firmly sparks of lighting erupted and sparked at each fist connecting with fist, feet connecting with feet and so on, they teleported to the wall near the tv and started to rapidly punch and kick each other, Vegeta dodging most of them but at vail he got hit a few times in critcal spots.

Gohan was the same level at this moment as he was getting hit only a few times, there speed incredible at this moment, the air around them felt like fire as there bodies begun to sweat and sting from over working there muscles, but they kept pushing as hard as the could, there impacting fists connected against each others cheek; sending them twisting in the other directions just to come back at each other again raising slowly off the floor going up to the cealing.

Vegeta gripped Gohan’s head and spun him upwards slamming him into the cealing before spinning back and kicking him up and threw the roof. Gohan growled as blood spewed from his mouth as he coughed before spinning to a stop in mid air high above the dome building, Vegeta raging towards him with a blistering speed; his aura blazing as he continued his onslaught against Gohan, his attacks dieing down now and slowing down as Gohan’s speed was decreasing.

They parted fast and stopped ten feet away from each other as they panted heavily, there shirts torn off by there quick attacks and there pants having tears in them, Blood sipped down each of there mouths, a few new wounds opened and a few wounds from the day before reopened.

Vegeta raised his hand up slowly towards Gohan and grunted “Big Bang Attack!” his hand twitched as a orb of blue energy started to form in a sphere like shape and shot it towards Gohan which was not suspecting such a powerful attack from him!

”Vegeta you crazy?!” Gohan spun forward and kicked the blast straight back at Vegeta, his foot sizzling with steam from touching the scortching blast. Vegeta raised his hand up and caught the blast in his hand, spinning around fast throwing five more just like the current blast, Gohan couldn’t react as he was impailed hard by the continuous blasting. Gohan slowly fell to the ground and landed in the dirt patch being drenched over by the dirt, his hair went back to normal as Vegeta was panting heavily, slowly landing on the ground, taking a seat slowly with his back rested against the side wall of the building..

”good…fight.. brother..” his words shakly escaped his lips as he changed back to normal, lowering his eyes slowly he passed out of using so much energy. Gohan was already knocked out and out Cold! The two Sayians rested in there spots till the late night, the women already in bed.

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you have a lot of time on your hands ay?

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Thats mean ;_; I am in class and bored!

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haha, sorry I get you., Im bored in calss too, I just sit there and draw poo. Razz its.

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I just now noticed the Censored areas of the places.. like "MOM! BULMA! dance with me!" is really 's hut up!' so yeah.... damned censored made my story sound weird *laughing out loud*

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