This pre-site page is to iterate a commonly presented message. On June 3, 2007, the ZEQ2 project was postponed indefinitely until further notice while the project's research team and organization itself move to several other project's of various nature. While the end-results of an interative application have yet to be realized, the internal goals of advanced NPR research were attained at a quality besting the current interactive industry.

Although the ZEQ2 project is postponed indefinitely at the time being, under particular varied circumstances of positional fulfillment, company establishment, and assorted critera of future progressional nature, the project will continue.

The site will remain in an archival state, but shall be wholly unavailable for public discussion and communication. Should contact need to be reached concerning the active research (or developmental) state of the project, or for any reason relating to the organization behind the project, please send all email requests to the following :

[email protected]

Thanks for continued support, ~ZEQ2 Project Team