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First, a precursor. As many of you know, ZEQ2-lite has (encouragingly) been under full community/contributor development for well over a year and a half. During this time various artists, programmers, and other DBZ/game enthusiastshave stepped forward and offered their skills/time to help improve the project’s open source nature by coding additional features, fixing bugs, and addingsupplementalcontent. They’ve all done a wonderful job on working to preserve the project’s longevity and improve it’s characteristics in their own unique ways.

While there are many talented contributors active on the project, additional support is always welcome. Any capable or interested individuals should make inquiries about contributing in the main #zeq2 IRC channel. Even those lacking in the skills/knowledge department when it comes to game design are highly encouraged to participate in IRC discussions, frequent the forums, and read some of the many guides available. What would a community-driven project be without it’s fans/community, after all!

Now, to the beef of this post.

Let me be direct in saying that there will NOT be a release today as some have predicted. Having said that I can now bring the news that the internal development Subversion (SVN) has been made publicly available as originally planned from the beginning. Whilst the first public beta SVN for the project was intended to be an abasement of the most active progress, an early Subversion split complicated this process and thus users who used the earlier link will have to once again re-checkout the new location.

What this means in layman terms is that that the most up-to-date versions of all ZEQ2-Lite models, textures, maps, and all-around media as well as the latest source code is now visible and downloadable by the general public. The curtains have merely been pulled back so that eager users may watch progress much more closely as it develops. This is to encourage additional interest as well as to clearly reflect all work being done on a timeline scale.

Warning. The files contained on this SVN are for primarily intended for developers/contributors only. If you are simply seeking a stable/updated/improved play experience, it is NOT recommended you download and use these files. The build is in a VERY strong state of flux, will likely update and change frequently, and is extremely prone to crashes/bugs at a rate well beyond the first stable public beta. It is strongly recommended that if you do test theexperiencethat you do NOT use a listen server (the menu’s create option) — opting instead for the provided ZEQ2Dedicated.bat/sh file for servers.

Some of the changes you’ll find in Revision 1485 (written by Mima/Domitjen).

  • Battle damage skin/model support
  • Player sound system rewrite support: Every character has more taunt/death sounds to their disposal as well as screams while powering up.
  • 26 additional made-for-ZEQ2-Lite music tracks by FaulconerFan.
  • New lock on feature which gives an 1 vs 1 advantage but a disadvantage on your surroundings view
  • Transformations for Goku and Vegeta.
  • Edited/improved skills such as spirit bomb/special beam cannon.
  • Added Krillin, Vegeta Sayian saga, Vegeta cell saga, Frieza.
  • Added Namek — Desert — Last Stand maps.
  • Added speedlines while boosting.
  • Improved chat area/hud.
  • Reverted to pre-public beta melee (fast-paced/simplified)
  • Quality addons in Media/Addons.
  • New, upgraded system of ki attacks.
  • New sound modes.
  • Re-written stamina system.
  • Re-written Power Level/damage system.
  • OS X Build (Macintosh).
  • Linux Build.
  • Operational Melee based on Power Level
  • A partially working server browser.
  • New menu layout.
  • No more scrolling weapons exploits.
  • No more changing characters exploits.
  • Many small issues like character being stuck, while fatigue draining.

The internal SVN address can be found athttps://zeq2.com/SVN/Build/ for the most recent build. Source and Media folders also exist from the root should you want access to them. Please use the SVN Guide for information on checking out and obtaining these files properly.

Follow upcommits will be made frequently so be sure to use SVN->Update to stay on the latest stable version to avoid protocol conflicts between the server/client. This blog will serve as a means to relay SVN commit notes as well as to assist in stable revision numbers. It is highly recommended that servers use a prefix with the version name on their servers to label them accordingly. Example : [1485] ZEQ2-Lite Server


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  7. Maszek says:

    OK, I’ve noticed that some people are totally idiotic and dont know what SVN is, so i will tell them how to download the game and play it. First, google the program Tortoise SVN. Once you’ve got that, make a new folder on your computer called ZEQ2 Lite or whatever you want. Now, right click that folder, and click SVN Checkout(if you cant find the option, you didnt install Tortoise SVN). Copy and paste the SVN link given in this post, and download it. THEN you must update it to the stable revision or it will crash all the time.
    To do this, right click the folder, TortoiseSVN-Update to Revision, and type the stable revision number there. 1536 is the newest stable revision. SO STOP ASKING THOSE STUPID QUESTIONS LIKE HOW DO I PLAY OR HOW DO I DOWNLOAD!!!!

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  20. Random says:

    Wow, this is hilarious. ZEQ2 is an awesome project (oh believe me, it is), yet all those “pro gamers” can’t get it running, simply because they can’t download the SVN build? Jeez.

  21. ssj2 goku says:

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  22. Random says:


    what’s the link?

  23. Njemile says:

    So I followed everything. Is there anyone still playing, also where can i get other characters, addons, etc. ?

  24. Nepryxa says:

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  25. Xblade says:

    @Maszek Thanks.

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  36. Tabris says:

    I have to say it the game looks good but is just that the gameplay is slow and broken beyond recognition if you just want to make something that looks good just use gmod even in gmod you can make something with a better gameplay becase i have seen projects made with ioquake3 like bid for power and that one have the gold because is not only the characters you have real like dragon ball gameplay it doesnt have a look like zeq2 but at least it have a gameplay far superior than this one.
    By the dont take this in the wrong way but this game is just a sausage what happened with the female characters there is just videl and is broken beyond recognition and i readed some statements from the team quote “we are compromised with quality any addon that dont comply with our quality standars is going to be deleted” i have seen good characters deleted because it was a female character or because it had a superior gameplay (saiyajin girl) or because it was made completely with the original dubbing (japanese) tell what is the explanation for this because betwen having to listen those horrendous american bad dubbing voices with bad gameplay and the original voices with suberb gameplay i prefer the the japanese because quality doesnt mean it have to look good it means it have to be faithfull and it need a suberb gameplay
    By the way what makes dragon good is service lots and lots of service this is why dragon ball z sparking meteor was the best it had service lots and lots of it,by the way you need to stop putting invented characters in this because i sparking meteor you have more than 150 characters to select why dont rip the game models is quite easy and you would have 150 characters + to play with a superior gameplay like OA bid for power

  37. Lain says:

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    This game is just a sausage fest with a broken gameplay the addons characters dont work,my apologies they work but after 10 seconds they die WTF WITH THIS S****!!!!!

  38. L Lawliet says:

    I agree with tabris the gameplay is broken
    The reason why japanese games are superior then the americans is because of one thing gameplay
    Japanese games 45 to 70% gameplay,20 to 25% the rest sound and graphics
    American games 98% graphics the rest story sound and gameplay
    This is why japanese games are superior
    Amd this is why this so called game doesnt work

  39. Terrence says:

    Hey bro this is boring it doent have bots to practice and i dont have a conection all time i work on a military base and im not allowed to conect to internet and is difficult to make a lan if you cant use internet so this game suck

  40. Kamy says:

    What the hell is this is just a sausage fest seriously i dont understand the americans this game is so GAY tha make me cry i played it and the problem i found the gameplay is a good idea but is slow as a turtle so it doesnt work and i regret to agree with some guys but what made dragon ball good was the fan service specially in sparking meteor when the girls fight they end up with all the clothes thorn up it was fun i could win any time against my brother when my character pan or chichi started to get almost naked when they suffered a lot of damage my brother got distracted and i winned every time that was what made dragon ball fun to play to anyone and this game dont have that besides is too slow in gameplay and dont having bots made it worse because with bots you can practice or play alone and i dont have internet conection to play online or make a LAN

  41. So I accidentally deleted the joomla folder. But the database its still there untouched..Is it posible that I re-install joomla and connect it with the old database and have all my articles and files back as it was?.

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