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Revision 1538:


  • Added inner aura effect.
  • Fixed lock on animation in controls menu.
  • Changed fatigue defense to 10% instead of 1%.



  1. D says:

    This update has some problems. For starters, everytime you start, you only have a pinch of life left. Next, everytime you try to chat it seems as though the buttons arent responding.

  2. Djk3 says:

    This sucks. Not even fair >:|

  3. zeq2 says:

    This is merely showing progress. Ofcourse it won’t work if you try this on older servers. I announced it about 100 times to keep to the revision said in the svn topic. Which is 1526. ALWAYS take the stable one instead of recent.

  4. xbox pro says:

    how i can play online.pls i need answer

  5. Azurite says:

    xbox pro: Enter the chat ask your question and then wait until someone is able to help you.

  6. onclsam13 says:

    Hi ,can you explain how to export a map 3ds, to zeq2 lite ?

  7. ahhh i think this realease will be only downloadable at 2016…

  8. Djk3 says:

    2016 doesn’t excised yet.

  9. element says:

    how do i get this revision becouse my characters cant turn ssj and i can’t have ki over 30 000 but when i play against them they say that i am ssj and i have 79 mil ki.. some dude said that i should get revision 1536.. but HOOOOOOWWW:S

  10. @ Zeq2 says:

    Beta = balanced gameplay, just many bugs.

    This game: Alpha…

    Why are you working on transformations, Domi. Its making this game unbalanced.

    Instead focus on what balances game: Should we ‘Add’ more characters, remove ssj trans for later use, and actually make game balanced, or should we contineu making transformations as thats apparantly the most ‘keen’ thing being done aside from bug fixes…

    I do vote for balanced gameplay, varying characters.

    Your missing some characters too…



    I could contineu on, but I really do wished you do take a different path, on getting the game done, keeping it balanced and adding content like that later.

  11. zeq2 says:

    ZEQ2-lite is an open-development project.

    If you think ANY aspect needs to be changed or improved, you should be making those changes yourself — thus the entire point of the project. Domitjen isn’t some special developer; he’s a fan just like yourself. He walked by the site, saw ZEQ2-lite, and picked up a hammer to try and help where he could whereas you are directing complaints mis-appropriately.

    To genuinely judge that which you have full control to impact is nothing but indolence.

  12. @ Zeq2 says:

    “Comments” As in comments, Why sign up to forums when the community flames over single grammar errors <3.

    Anyway, thats not my point.

    I told you: Game unbalanced. Remove SSJ+, or make it so that plvl actually doesnt matter.

    Add more characters first and gameplay first, then consider adding transforms.

    Course, Its to late now, so now balance chars. Give freeza transforms, krillin power up transes, picolo power up + fuse nail transform, nappa power up, raditz power up.

    And thats it. Some use to them.

    Right now they are just a waste of my harddisk.

  13. ! says:

    There is no need to remain oblivously ignorant.
    Please read the former posts made.
    You should be changing it yourself by the project’s design.

  14. @ Zeq2 says:

    How am I being ignorant when you claim I need to make my addition then…

    I dont get it. You get comments from people who cant code, yuo inmediatly tell them to learn it.

    This has got nothing to do with ignorantsy. I worked with alphas from games like Natural Selection, NS2, Tremulous etc.

  15. Domitjen says:

    The game is getting tweaked,fixed by every single revision made, I am fully aware that the damages are unstable right now, that there are lock/camera bugs and etcetera. We are trying our best to get everything nicely balanced and solved, This is merely the content of the teambuild we brought out and is in no way a finished game or even a game to begin with, you can see every update on the blog/svn development topic.

  16. ! says:

    All of the projects you listed have a standard development team and pipeline. This project is not similar to those. This is an open-source FAN-DEVELOPED project. Any comment/critique you make is automatically redirected to yourself since there is no “core development team” — again, it’s merely fans contributing.

    If you don’t like how something is, then change it. That’s kind of the whole point.

  17. Super_Sayain_x3 says:


  18. Super_Sayain_x3 says:

    you caame this far cant stop now!

  19. James Harris says:

    Why balance characters? I say try to make it as accurate to the show as possible.

    I just checked back on this project to see if any updates had been made from a while ago. Thank you to the person who picked it up. And thank you for linux support! This has made my day.

  20. Newfolder says:

    Updating got bored uh?

  21. @ Zeq2 says:

    Actually core dev team is there… You are jsut ignorant to see that, because if there wasnt, there wouldnt be ‘zeq2 standards’.

  22. zeq2 says:

    Actually, there is presently not a single person (save TRL) that is active on development. One easy way to see if any kind of development is active is to ask a simple question; is there a daily SVN blog post? Remember, ANYONE is free to contribute (and that means yourself). For the project to blossom and continue to grow, volunteers must arise from the masses and take part.

  23. Gato says:

    ey, add piccolo with cape to the game and create more servers to revision 1538

    Thank for all

    Pdt: i can help with models. contact: [email protected]

  24. Super_Sayain_x3 says:

    Remember to add that move when Goku grabs them by the leg and swings them in circles then launches them!Its an unblockable attack!

  25. OMG? says:

    Where the hell is download link or something?

  26. Zeq2 lite's opensource is lazy mans way says:

    U speak of open source like you don’t know what it is. Perfectly fine for public to leave suggestions on what you need to fix. Don’t carry on like they will do the work for you In the end the so called “Developers of Zeq2lite” will claim all credit, Because this whole project is not your average Open source project.

    If this was a real normal Open source project bugs would be posted and people would fix it as the development progresses. This is more like bunch of kids making people do work for them while they sit down take whats given to them and call it their own work its quite funny to watch πŸ˜€

  27. Gato says:

    hi! i buy piccolo with cape

    as I can upload it to this page?


  28. Gato says:

    sorry i don’t buy i make it πŸ˜›

  29. Gato says:

    who speak spanish?? xD

  30. Gato says:

    this is the link for piccolo with cape πŸ˜€


  31. krillin478 says:

    how do you download the new version of the game

  32. MaxiGT says:


  33. Gato says:

    MaxiGT you can download the new version using the SVN update πŸ˜€

  34. Super_Sayain_x3 says:

    Since its summer are they goin have alot of time to fix bugs and add character/maps?

  35. qq13767914346 says:


  36. Len15 says:


  37. jason says:

    goku is the first legendery saiyan and broly is the second ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. Tom says:

    How to update?

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