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Master Server Patch.

In this attachment you will find the masterserver patch. Put these files in your main folder (overwrite all files) in order to fix the server browser. This will also reset all your configurations. Master Server Fix


  1. Dodinho says:

    Doesn’t work I’ve put it in my ZEQ2 folder but it didn’t work.

  2. Domitjen says:

    My mistake, put it in your main folder, not into the zeq2 subfolder.

  3. 16aR says:

    I think it won’t work until you type
    seta sv_server1 master.ioquake3.org

    in console. Because ZEQ2 won’t use the default configuration, but the user configuration one which has still master.quake3arena.com:27950 in it.
    I don’t know how to do it automatically without people opening the console.

  4. zeq2lite says:

    There are 4 config files in the patch. It will overwrite the user settings regardless.

  5. lion says:

    thank you very much brother

  6. damian says:

    thanks man, I really needed it. I appreciate it. cheers from argentina 🙂

  7. Cwieland says:

    just unzip the patch and there is a zeq file on this inside and merge it wiht the real zeq

  8. steven says:

    how do you put it in the folders and stuff

  9. josh says:

    I created a server the other day for me and my friend to play on, but she cant see it yet I can. Can someone possibly tell me if my servers up just so i know if i need to tweak my settings? its called “[A] Free for all FIGHT!”

  10. Azurite says:

    josh, I’d recommend using the chat if you want a more immediate response.

  11. naurag says:

    hey zeq2lite f1 is working?

  12. Cordel says:

    Man how do u play online on zeq2 sparking meteor final all it says is no response from master server

  13. agustin says:

    masterserver.fix for zeq2 af???

  14. rai says:

    i can play with all versions i have got all he versions that has been released!11

  15. ……. and where is master server patch i need him for conter strike v1.6 ‘??? -_-

  16. rodney says:

    how download master server patch

  17. rodney says:

    how download pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. rodney says:

    need patch for revo 5 &6. how download?

  19. rodney says:

    mine say no response from master server too thats been going on for two years for me

  20. Agustin says:

    I extracted the files into the ZEQ2 folder, and it still does not let me find any servers.

  21. Zeth says:

    Make sure you are patching revision 1536 and not another version.

  22. rodney says:

    why no one tell me how download please tell me please

  23. rodney says:

    why no one tell me how download

  24. riley says:

    Guys, just click the last three words. Thats how you download it!

  25. riley says:

    This also didnt work for me. 🙁
    im using 1852

  26. riley says:

    revision 1852

  27. QLEVY says:

    DON’T USE REVISION 1852!!! DON’T! …If you’re still having troubles with revision 1536 then make sure you allowed it through your windows firewall…then open up your antivirus(I used Comodo)…Then when you click on zeq2 lite, it will ask if you want to allow or block…..click allow, restart ur game then reopen it….and there you go.

  28. supervegtea says:

    i cant play online still while i have master server fix in front with my revision1536 file

  29. supervegtea says:

    i cant play online still while i have master server fix in front with my revision1536 file
    i tried to put it in diffrent files but seems like its not working how come? i dont understand why?

  30. jonathan says:

    Will it remove the people u added?
    with the addons?

  31. Lucky says:

    plz help me I creat server and I do everything right but when my friends want to join they don’t find it =( help =(

  32. Mano says:

    I searched for servers and i have the patch and it still wont work for my revo 5 plz help

  33. Blade says:

    i merged it with the real zeq2 and still no servers…

  34. SB says:

    please somebody help me i have downloaded zeq2 lite revolution 5 and i am not able to connect to any of the servers when i click on any server after it loads all characters it freezes on awaiting snapshot and i cant do anything i waited for five minutes but nothing but the audio goes on tried the master sever patch but no use

    please help me
    does anyone else have the same problem ….

  35. Beebee says:

    I have a problem like that it wont let me download revolution 5

  36. Luke says:

    It doesn’t work for me, I replaced the configuration files with the old ones in the ZEQ2 folder. But it doesn’t work! I’ve also tried the console command one.

  37. Luke says:

    And what was weird was that on the first day of 2015 all the servers were up. I was really happy and I woke up the next morning but all of them were gone.

  38. kevin says:

    i use mac and i downloaded the master patch what folder do i put it in i tried both is there something i need to write in console please respone.

  39. Theo says:

    For a while I could play but sometime in june the servers dissapeared and barely anyone is talking about it as if it isn’t a problem. I’m thinking it’s working for some but not all. Is there a fix for this?

  40. dajjy77 says:

    i have downloaded master server patch and still no servers and i typed the ############# in the console and still no servers need help help help help please please please help

  41. ahmed says:

    how to work master server????

  42. Joseph Khemili says:

    Can you make a video or at least make the instructions more in depth plzzz.

  43. marcul says:

    ya hi whenever i try to play multiplayer it crashes when it starts to show the characters or is says game loading then it crashes

  44. abdo says:

    haw play in server

  45. tayo says:

    this game is so cool and amazing and you should play it

  46. UltimateDBZkid says:

    so i got zeq2 lite gold edition again because it was deleted but it says the master servers are down i re downloaded it again to see if it was just the game or zeq2.exe itself but it said the exact same thing
    so are the servers actually down or is it just my file of zeq2

  47. UltimateDBZkid says:

    this has been happening for about a week now where the master server was not

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