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Reply with quote Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This forum's purpose is to allow developers (and other knowledgeable intelligent individuals) to post design drafts and lengthy discussions relating to development with ZEQ2-lite.

Note : Any user can view the discussions in this forum; however, you must send a PM to myself or another administrator to receive access to reply to current discussions. Design threads may be created in the discussion forum and moved to this forum. Any creator of such an approved thread will automatically be granted access to this forum for future discussions.

[*] This forum is for verbose technical discussion only. Unless your post is lengthy (with proper grammar/structure), non-bias, and has citations enforcing its points, it will likely be removed along with a reconsideration for your access.
[*] Posts should always have actual substance and thus must either (a) rebuttal an existing point or (b) append to an existing point. Replies related to general agreement/disagreement are not acceptable. If your post does not help further the design in some way, it is likely not proper.

[*] Not following this and other guidelines could result in your thread/post being removed and/or other privilege related consequences.
[*] Keep response posts positive and informative.
[*] Arguing with, slandering, accusing, or debating a project aid or project team member's words/actions in any manner can result in swift negative effects concerning your site/forum membership and privileges.
[*] Keep posts in relation to the topic at all times. Arguments and sub-topics should be resolved through PM or another topic. Posts that are not in relation to a thread will be spliced into a new thread in the approptiate forum with a PM dispatched to the creator. If the post has no focus of determinable value, the post shall be removed with author notification via PM.
[*] Please refrain from discussing team members actions and/or methods regardless of personal disapproval. Management methods are not debatable.
[*] Posts containing captioned or animated images that bare no topical relation will be removed alongside forum privilege revoking.

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