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Driver updating guide

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Reply with quote Saturday, October 10, 2009

Does your graphics card driver slow your game down to a few frame per second? Do you hear crackled or distorted audio? Can't move that mouse or type fast because of the unresponsiveness caused by the great slowdown? Does all these happen inside ZEQ2lite? You come to the right place then. Smile

Update your drivers
This mostly affects Windows Vista and Windows 7, but sometimes it may affect Windows XP too.
To see if your drivers are updated, you have to check them step-by-step.

Update your graphics card drivers
First and foremost, be sure that you are using the latest graphics card drivers from your graphics card's vendor's website.
Too see if you truly have the latest ones, you have to check it in your Display Settings control panel applet. In order to do it, you must right-click on your desktop, select Personalize, Display Settings. If you followed these steps, then you can see you graphics adapter's vendor and model.
Important: If you see Microsoft Corporation in the model name, then you MUST update your graphics card driver at once. *
Find out what is your driver's vendor and model name and go check if there's any available driver for your model.

Install the most appropriate one and then when you are done, restart your computer, and check if the game runs smooth now.
If it does, then you successfully installed the drivers and can play ZEQ2lite smoothly again. If not, then you must update other drivers as well.

Update your sound card drivers
Mostly this is optional, but still it's great to have updated drivers. In most cases this is pretty straight to install, just download your optimal driver, restart your computer, then you will have your sound card driver updated.

Update your other drivers
You might not know it but even a faulty USB or motherboard driver can cause system instabilities as well. Be sure to check them if they are updated inside Device Manager.

This concludes our little how-to. Following these steps will ensure that you will have a smooth experience inside ZEQ2lite.
I hope it works after following these steps, and if not, feel free to post back to me..

* Drivers that come preinstalled with Windows and have Microsoft Corporation in their name don't come with OpenGL ICD, which is vital to run OpenGL based games/softwares with full 3D acceleration, and without it, all OpenGL functions are being rendered in software mode.

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Reply with quote Monday, April 05, 2010

Great post JadenKorn Smile

Najeeb, can you edit your post so humans can read it? The spelling, typos, grammar and punctuation is so lacking its a mess to read. People have to read it over and over to make sense of it Wink

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Not trying to talk back or anything Very Happy but as long as the first and last letters are right humans can read it

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Reply with quote Thursday, February 03, 2011

Cool Laughing Erm Dude, It didn't work

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