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Reply with quote Thursday, March 29, 2007

This forum should be used for discussing technical techniques used in Zios and the ZEQ2 project.

[*] Refrain from making posts unless you have a question or suggestion concerning the technical specificiations of the topic at hand.
[*] Not following this and other guidelines could result in your thread/post being removed and/or other privilege related consequences.
[*] Keep response posts positive and informative. Refrain from posting one-liner posts such as "Good Job!", "Keep it up!", or "You rocks!". We know, We will, and thanks for taking the time to sign up just to tell us.
[*] Arguing with, slandering, accusing, or debating a project aid or project team member's words/actions in any manner can result in swift negative effects concerning your site/forum membership and privileges.
[*] Keep posts in relation to the topic at all times. Arguments and sub-topics should be resolved through PM or another topic. Posts that are not in relation to a thread will be spliced into a new thread in the approptiate forum with a PM dispacted to the creator. If the post has no focus of determinable value, the post shall be removed with author notification via PM.
[*] Please refrain from discussing team members actions and/or methods repeatedly regardless of personal disapproval. Management methods are not debatable.

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