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Relaxed Progression

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Reply with quote Sunday, June 03, 2007


As a result of activity increases, ZEQ2 will be updating it's progress to the public officially at a more relaxed, typical rate.

While the decision has been highly influenced by recent individual reactions and lack of understanding as such by the community, it is also due to limited project team resources for the volume of work that is to be done.

As not realized by most, ZEQ2 is only one project in the growing Zios engine project list -- one of which is a recently added commercially developed project. We find ourselves day to day consumed by tasks in development of the Zios engine, corresponding and educating associate developers and clients of Zios, as well as designing and developing core ZEQ2 processes. Having such a small development team communicate with one another in such a high-end business model environment requires delicate production management. The additional amount of time taken to individually prepare public announcements has been simply outweighed by more important project aspects.

While we shall still release updates at a pace that correlates to when they are prepared rather than a fixed time line, project progress will continually exceed the nature of standards and remain atypical to quality and development practices. Forum inquiries will remain to be answered and handled at an acceptable rate.

Take note that even though we are adopting a relaxed public image, the ratio is still far from parallel to projects of the same type -- which tend to offer public documentation and news at a tremendously lower rate.

Now couldn't be a more active time to join the ZEQ2, the Zios engine project team, or the Zios family of projects in general. To re-establish the former progression rate, recruitment of an entire public relations and production department will be necessary. In the event that you feel you can fulfill any of the roles needed in either production or development aspects, don't hesitate to contact us via the information on the team page.

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