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Also read the About Section for more information.



[Q:0001] Is ZEQ2 complete?
[Q:0002] When will ZEQ2 be complete?
[Q:0003] Who runs this project?
[Q:0004] Will I need to purchase a product to run ZEQ2?
[Q:0005] What are the System Requirements?
[Q:0006] Will I be able to run ZEQ2 on Linux?
[Q:0007] How big will the final build be?
[Q:0008] How often will we be able to see updates?
[Q:0009] Will we keep getting updates for the project when ZEQ2 has been completed?
[Q:0010] Will there be a demo of ZEQ2?
[Q:0011] Could you make an in-project teaser, trailer or movie etc.?
[Q:0012] Did ZEQ2 begin from scratch, since it was gone for a year?
[Q:0013] Where may I find that old ZEQ2 in-project movie that is so out of date that it's like an entirely different project?
[Q:0014] Will there be any content from DBGT or the DB-April Fools (DBAF) in ZEQ2?
[Q:0015] Will there be a beta test of this project?
[Q:0016] Will there be any weather conditions in the maps of ZEQ2? Like fog or rain?
[Q:0017] Is there an IRC-channel where I can chat with other fans or just idle 24/7 because I'm the #1 fan?
[Q:0018] I want to write an interview with your team about ZEQ2.
[Q:0019] What's the priority of this project? It seems like visual accuracy is more important than mechanical accuracy.
[Q:0020] Will there be a Gamepad Support?
[Q:0021] Is the mod dead?
[Q:0022] What's the advantage of being textureless, is it just better for light effects?
[Q:0023] Do you plan to continue using the title "Z Enters Quake" or will you change it somewhere along the line due to your new Quake-free engine?
[Q:0024] How time consuming is this skeletal animation?
[Q:0025] Since this game will be so accurate to the series, won't we be restricted from a lot of things we may want to do? Or maybe something that could have happened in the series but didn't?
[Q:0026] Does ZEQ2 need pixel/vertex shaders?
[Q:0027] Where can I download ZEQ2?
[Q:0028] Is "that" possible to implement ingame?
[Q:0029] Will you make it possible to mod ZEQ2?
[Q:0030] Do you have any plans of making any other game than ZEQ2 with the Zios engine?
[Q:0031] If you have any thoughts of making a game based on the Zios engine, what genre?
[Q:0032] Sorry about calling ZEQ2 a game, I know it's much more than that, but I don't know what word to use to explain what ZEQ2 really is.
[Q:0033] Why hasn't there been an update for a while now, can't you at least tell us more about your achievements in engine development?

[A:0001] No. It is work in progress.
[A:0002] Timeframes are improbable to judge since content changes as more technologies become available and other limitations are lifted. ZEQ2's plans are on a more progressive level. Although we have had design documents for quite some time, we constantly revise and improve our techniques to bring an even more rich experience. What the project has now would have already passed 10 times over as completion a couple years ago.
[A:0003] We're just a group of people with a common interest designing a project in our free time in-between jobs/college/school.
[A:0004] Since ZEQ2 is based on an open engine, the package shall be and remain purely standalone.
[A:0005] The System Requirements are not yet established. Generally a Geforce3 TI 200 / ATI Radeon 8500 or higher will be reccomended.
[A:0006] Yes, you will be able to run ZEQ2 on Linux.
[A:0007] It's estimated not to take up too much.
[A:0008] We'll try release new updates at a satisfying pace.
[A:0009] We'll probably do patches and balancing to attacks and the like, but for new content like DBGT etc. we'll leave that stuff to the fans to make.
[A:0010] No, we concentrate on making a full project.
[A:0011] We will release new media with updates, asking for certain stuff won't help speed things up.
[A:0012] Some models have been redone from scratch a few times, but we've stopped doing that now. Every model and character made from now on is final. We're taking the extra time to make sure they're as perfect as they can possibly be made. We have a lot more done behind the scenes then we've shown so far of course.
[A:0013] You may find that incredibly out of date in-project movie here.
[A:0014] No! Any content beyond the original DBZ is up to Fans to create.
[A:0015] Unlikely.
[A:0016] Fog, yes. And other environmental effects will be done if the series does them, and will be attempted to be done as accurate as possible.
[A:0017] Yes, you may find #zeq2 @
[A:0018] Currently ZEQ2 does not have any interest in interviews. In later stages this mentality is due to change, however. Leave contact information and we'll mark you down along with the other message/radio interviewers planned.
[A:0019] Both are equally important in this project.
[A:0020] Yep, full gamepad support.
[A:0021] If you by "mod" mean ZEQ2 then no, ZEQ2 is very much alive.
[A:0022] Textureless is better for resources, lighting, shadows, low-end systems, no loss of quality at any range, and offers a futureproofing technique for collisions, physics, and more advanced shadow techniques.
[A:0023] ZEQ originally had no meaning, so it won't be changed.
[A:0024] Skeletal animations saves you time. It doesn't cost anything. Almost all methods we use, textureless and so forth, are designed to make development faster as well as more accurate.
[A:0025] No.
[A:0026] Although pixel/vertex shaders are used for the higher-end graphical options to provide the best possible immersive feel, there are fallbacks for older or less powerful systems to mimic a similar appearance without the cost of some of the more complex shaders.
[A:0027] ZEQ2 is unfinished and unavailable to the public.
[A:0028] Absolutely anything and everything is possible. Whether or not it'll be present or focused on the first release, however, depends on the focus of other factors and it's priority -- based on it's impact of effect.
[A:0029] Yes, ZEQ2 will be able to be modded.
[A:0030] Yes, several are in pre-production and planning stages.
[A:0031] Any genre is possible, but current candidates are fighter, shooter, and horror genres.
[A:0032] A non-photorealistic research project with an interactive base. Although the outcome of the project is a classifiable game, the project itself is anything but.
[A:0033] The team is focusing on the Zios engine. Since the development of this is a separate project news will be handled elsewhere.



[Q:0001] About how many models have been finished?
[Q:0002] What style will the characters be in?
[Q:0003] What will the Aura be like?
[Q:0004] How many characters are you going to make?
[Q:0005] Will there be only main characters, or other too?
[Q:0006] Can you write list of characters that you are sure will be in project?
[Q:0007] Will you be able to replace character models?
[Q:0008] Are you going to rip dialogue from the show or will you be getting other voice actors?
[Q:0009] Will you make "what if" characters, like an evil Gohan or make DBAF(April Fools) characters?
[Q:0010] In ZEQ there was only a few techniques for each character, will you do more in ZEQ2?
[Q:0011] Will you make ultimate techniqes like switch bodies (Ginyu), transforming into cookie(Buu) or changing into stone(Dabura)? How will this be balanced?
[Q:0012] If Cell wants to transform into perfect Cell, he will have to absorb And 17 and 18? And if there won't be those characters on server he won't transform?
[Q:0013] Will there be characters from Garlic Junior saga?
[Q:0014] Each character will have its own value of KI and HP to use?
[Q:0015] Will you make extra characters like Mr.Satan or Saibamen?
[Q:0016] Will you post a screen of every character and stage you will make?
[Q:0017] Will characters be able to transform into forms they were not able to in the series?
[Q:0018] Will androids have the same PL the whole time? They won't lose it and can't charge up? And will they be allowed to use KI attacks all time?
[Q:0019] Everyone should be able to pump their muscles, right?
[Q:0020] Will characters have varying levels of ki control?
[Q:0021] Can you already tell us which characters will be in the 1st version of ZEQ2?

[A:0001] At this time it's vaulted information.
[A:0002] They will change according to the saga they represent, and will be as authentic as possible.
[A:0003] We'll make it as accurate to the series as possible.
[A:0004] Many.
[A:0005] DBZ movie and series characters. The character list will vary with many primary and support characters.
[A:0006] Yes. We could if we so desired(and probably will in a progress thread update eventually).
[A:0007] You won't have to replace, you can add characters. Think BFP, but much more cleanly handled and done.
[A:0008] We're going to use a variety of sources to get english voices into the project. A fan-based japanese audio pack may be available at a later time.
[A:0009] No, we will strictly make DBZ characters, any other characters can be added by the fans.
[A:0010] Yes. Most characters in the series all have the generic palette of energy based skills.
[A:0011] If its accurate to the series, yes. The series naturally balances itself.
[A:0012] Vaulted information.
[A:0013] Probably.
[A:0014] Vaulted information.
[A:0015] Possible.
[A:0016] Most likely.
[A:0017] No, it's up for fans to create things not related to the series.
[A:0018] Like the series.
[A:0019] The "bulging" effects will be present in ZEQ2, although they aren't on a controlled level as you may percieve. The sustained bulge of muscles is more of a "side effect" of another event.
[A:0020] Yes. Character uniquity effecting gameplay is a planned aspect in terms of both statistics as well as personality influence.
[A:0021] While a specific character roster hasn't been announced, previous announcements have stated that the releases will be sequential based on saga.



[Q:0001] About how many maps have been finished?
[Q:0002] How big will the maps be?
[Q:0003] Will there be Destructable Terrain?
[Q:0004] Won't grass look weird and unnatural without textures?

[A:0001] At this time it's vaulted information.
[A:0002] Maps will be huge.
[A:0003] Maybe, maybe not.
[A:0004] It's just another suprise you'll have to wait and hear about in a future update.



[Q:0001] How is the PL system?
[Q:0002] How will detection/sensing be handled?
[Q:0003] How will transformations work?
[Q:0004] Will there be a story mode?
[Q:0005] How many players will be able to play the project on the same server?
[Q:0006] Do you have any plans on creating a "Create a player mode" after your final build(like what Jedi Knight Academy had).
[Q:0007] What kind of fighting mechanics do you plan to include for this project?
[Q:0008] In ZEQ it was really easy to kill opponents, will it be a lot harder in ZEQ2?
[Q:0009] On some occassions multiple characters would blast off an energy move together(Goku and Gohan firing a kamehameha together). Or they would give their energy to someone who was about to blast off an energy move (Goku's spirit bomb against Buu). Will we be able to do either of those in ZEQ2?
[Q:0010] How will mêlée be handled?
[Q:0011] How will balance work in ZEQ2?
[Q:0012] Are you planning on having a better mêlée system than the latest DBZ projects or are you planning on using some of their mêlée system ideas and what not?
[Q:0013] Basically, there'll be two separate ways of sensing things, automatic sensing and manual sensing?
[Q:0014] Am I correct in assuming the HUD will be mostly lightweight and such?
[Q:0015] Will manual sensing be a good method determining a target's strength?
[Q:0016] How will power struggling work?

[A:0001] Unlike any project in existence. *details will come when an update is made*
[A:0002] Some users will use scouters for sensing. Others won't need them because they have a natural ability. For more detailed information check here.
[A:0003] The Transformations will be handled as accurate to the series as possible.
[A:0004] Yes!
[A:0005] We'll force limits on smaller maps but the hardcoded limit is 64.
[A:0006] No, not in the current plans.
[A:0007] Vaulted information, but it will be different from any other DBZ-project.
[A:0008] The first ZEQ is BFP-based. ZEQ2 shall differ quite greatly by regard. It was not often in the DBZ series that good battles lasted 30 seconds, now was it?
[A:0009] We'll make ZEQ2 as accurate to the show as much as we can.
[A:0010] It will work unlike any other DBZ-project ever created.
[A:0011] As the series handles it. More on that in the future.
[A:0012] We have not backed down on ANY important aspect to the anime's fighting styles -- suffice to say that most DBZ projects in this regard don't even scratch the surface of true DBZ mechanics.
[A:0013] Basically, yes.
[A:0014] There will be no HUD.
[A:0015] Manual sensing is primarily used to locate a particular power signature.
[A:0016] Once you truly understand how a series power struggle REALLY works, you'll grasp exactly how it'll be handled.



[Q:0001] What happens if the segment server's planet I play on gets destroyed?
[Q:0002] What happens if I logged off a segment server and when I came back the world have been destroyed?
[Q:0003] Will I keep my stats/PL if I change to another World Server?

[A:0001] If a segment server's planet happens to get destroyed whilst you are on it (on rare occasions), the result would depend on your character and server settings.
[A:0002] If a segment server gets destroyed while your logged off, when you come to join the the same WORLD server that segment server you were playing, you can choose to play on a different segment server within the world server, keeping your stats/PL the last time you played.
[A:0003] Changing worlds will result in a clean slate more or less. Since each world only shares information within itself, it knows not about your activities elsewhere.

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