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Reply with quote Friday, October 26, 2007

What is the order of the Z warriors(talking about strenght speed skill PL and special abilities)(no movies or fusions or DBGT)?.Try to justify.By me it`s:
1.Gohan and Goku
2.Piccolo(he is before Vegeta because of his regenerating abilities and superior techniques)
4.Krillin(before Tien and others coz:Destructo-Disc(can cut superior enemies Nappa Freeza)amaizing skill that compensates his lack of strenght making him look 70 better,brave little guy(he knows he is inferior but he doesn`t quit)
6.Kid Trunks
7.Kid Goten
P.S.:No future Trunks
Trunks and Goten are low ranked because of experience lack and no real good technique

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