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Reply with quote Wednesday, March 29, 2006

dale_22x wrote : show them again.

I sortof agree with blaize. there maybe a bit of polygon flow but, it's limited......I do try most of the time to go with the same flow that they used in the joan of arc....but I realize that while making a low polygon model, you will often have to compansate polygon flow.

here is headshot of my last model, I've labelled te areas that that do not have good polygon flow. The thing is if you have good polygon flow, when you subdevide your geometry, it should be able to creat a nice smooth an clean mesh. and most low poly game models will not do that. you'll usually end up with some small bumps in places.

the whole model is already about 2k poly but I still had foudn it hard to keep the polygons flowing.

=D an of course, if oyu have better ways of modelling some parts that will make for better polygon flow with out a huge increment in polygons. I'd be happy if oyu shared.

Okay. I'll show those two models, but I won't pollute this thread with 'em.
Check this new thread instead.

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