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Effects Programmer
Shader Designer
Engine Programmer

Relations Moderator
Reference Manager

Effects Artist
Skeletal Animator
Vertex Animator

2D Character Artist
Concept Artist

3D Character Artist
3D Detail Artist

Web Developer / Webmaster
Technical Writer

Network Programmer
Engine Programmer
Shader Programmer

Audio Engineer

Engine Programmer
Project Management
Technology Research


(contact [email protected])

All available positions require a considerable amount of time each week to donate to the project, a fair grasping of the English language, and full knowledge of the required tools. All applicants should give a basic introduction; moreover, any presented portfolio work will highly regarded and aid significantly in the screening process. Don't be shy though, you little buggers. If it crosses your mind that you have the skills necessary to fulfill a particular task, don't hesitate to attempt contact.

This position requires someone with past experience with track mixing and/or musical composition creation. Original Faulconer albums are recommended for a base study, although not necessary to perform duties. The job demands someone who is able to work with pre-set genre definitions and pre-defined melodic palettes. Proper musical equipment is strongly suggested.

[Scene Artist]
This position requires someone having the capability to develop intricate highly detailed 3D scenes based from references. No mapping experience is recommended as all map scenes are hand modeled in a standard 3D editor. Familiarity with a multitude of common design practices is highly looked upon, although not a requirement. The job demands someone that is able to fulfill tasks in both EXTREMELY detailed structural and terrain atmospheres.

[Skin Manager (Vertex Weigher)]
This position requires someone who is experienced in the skeleton skinning process. Although physique and similar styles of vertex assignment are plausible, it is of high importance that traditional rigging techniques can also be used. Knowledge of biped structures is looked well upon, but standard bone skeletons is just as equally applicable. The job demands someone who is able to accurately apply precision vertex weights on mid-high poly models in a fashion that discourages improper deformations.

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