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Stylistic Lines

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Reply with quote Sunday, April 15, 2007

Normal Lines

Stylistic Noise Thickness Lines

Stylistic Noise Thickness Lines + Scene Bloom (with exposure)



  • 1st In-Development Version of Technique.



  • While the stylistic line technique is not greatly exaggerated in the shots, note that great care has been placed on reproducing the natural line styles of anime cel artists. Our technique complies to this and gradually increases and decreases itself in full relation based on distance from the camera.
  • Although ZEQ2 is based soley from the DBZ series, our presented media typically uses posters and other promotional official art for the purposes of conveying likeness and relation. As a result of such, the awkwardness of the particular pose should be in full regard to the original references used. Essentially, don't blame us because Goku can apparently dislocate his wrists.



  • Naturally drawn lines with inconsistent thickness for a anime-esque style.
  • Multiple styles can be applied on the fly in realtime.
  • Line styles range from clean line styles, sketchy manga styles, ink blot styles, and beyond.
  • Distance based technique to allow for line depth details and style changes.

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