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Tactical Manuevers

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[Tactical Manuevers]
Keeping true to both DBZ accuracy and an involving interaction experience, ZEQ2 provides various options of advanced movement types to the player in order to enrich gameplay and strategy. Please do note that like many defensive and mêlée maneuvers, some are strictly reserved for particular characters that would and actually do perform them in the series.

The jump movement is (obviously) only available while the character has footing on a solid surface. This maneuver can be used to aid in the escape of large energy attacks, grant the player access to typically unreachable areas, provide a transition to flight movement types, as well as execute several varieties of DBZ traditional knockback and stun mêlée maneuvers that would otherwise only be usable in a type of aerial position. The rapid jump, corkscrew somersault, and ball flip movement types are only available from within a standard jump with the last two performable only during the ascension and descension respectively.

The rapid jump, a much more hasteful variation of a standard jump, becomes possible if the user chooses to expend energy during a jump. Executing a rapid jump offers the single fastest method of movement while on the ground. The jump is started and completed in only a fraction of a second, leaving the player a distorted blur and the entire course of the path ridden with emphasized direction lines. However, due to the speed and rather sudden, burst-full nature of the rapid jump, there is some difficulty in precisely controlling jumps in succession to one another -- limiting the maneuver to a mostly forward linear path. No other maneuvers of any kind may be performed during a rapid jump.

The ball flip is a type of movement that is only possible while descending in the air from a fall -- most commonly the latter part of a jump sequence. Performing a ball flip maneuver results in a variety of perks. Typically, during a fall sequence, the player is at the whim of the trajectory of the jump and standard DBZ physics. The ball flip maneuver, however, is able to overcome the trajectory boundary by establishing a vertical control on the fall, resulting in a perfect controlled landing. Using this technique the player is accelerated to the ground in a more rapid fashion and given a slight defensive bonus aiding to the reception of an otherwise opponent vulnerable falling duration. Considering the conditions for the ball flip to become applicable, this tactic is one of the best, yet very few types of maneuvers that is possible during a controlled fall.

During the ascension portion of a standard jump, the player may opt into performing the corkscrew somersault. The corkscrew somersault offers the user great finesse while in the air -- additionally protecting the user from most types of advanced grasping mêlée techniques. Along with the previous perks, the somersault will result in a brief but extended vertical gain. If this maneuver is used during a mêlée confrontation, the player will land with a 180 degree face rotation, resulting in a placement directly facing behind the opponent. Due to the nature and form of the maneuver, the player does become somewhat succectable as it is performed much slower than a standard jump sequence. The ball flip may not be combined with the end portion of a corkscrew somersault due to it's consideration as a non-standard fall.



  • The manuevers listed and described in the about documentation do not fully detail "defensive" manuever types such as blocking and evasion. This is a seperate subject matter and shall be covered as so.



  • Standard Jumping.
  • Rapid (Successive) Jumping.
  • Ball Flip Manuever.
  • Tactical (Corkscrew) Somersault.

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