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Legal Stance

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Legal Announcement

ZEQ2 is an independent research group with a study focus on interactive sciences in appliance to anime artistic styles and base fundamental mechanics. Currently, our primary studies use Dragon Ball Z as a base candidate. Dragon Ball Z was chosen due to it's significant stance in the field of anime as a standard of comparison and representation.

The project is completely non-profit and is caretaken by a group of individuals with similar interests. The Dragon Ball Z licensed portions of ZEQ2 should be regarded in the same aspect as any fan byproduct would (example : fan art, fan fiction). Dragon Ball is copyrighted by Bird Studio / Sheisha, Toei Animation and is licensed by FUNimation® Productions, Ltd. All rights are reserved as there is no direct attempt at copyright violation. Many attempts have been made to contact both FUNimation's legal staff and public relation departments in order to obtain official permission. No official response has been made, therefore this project is not licensed or supported by it's licensees in any way.

ZEQ2 is based from Dragon Ball Z in a manner of respect and homage to the standards it has defined in it's field. In the event of a confirmed legal Cease and Desist order from FUNimation concerning licensed aspects of ZEQ2, the project will fully comply; thereby shifting it's focus to a neutral stance anime research project with all trademarked licensed removed. As a result of such complications, any project ambitions concerning platform, presentation, and release aspects are prone to change.

The ZEQ2 project is supplied and presented with the understanding that it's licensee has full respect for customer and fan-influenced materials on any level. This regard is respected and interpreted through a plethora of other projects available non-commercially through other online communities. This list of other DBZ influenced projects include those that are supported and network maintained as an aid to other systems of game deployment; in forth acting as a tool of promotion at levels far above that of which is intended for the ZEQ2 project.

By registering and/or posting on these forums, you agree that you have fully read and/or fully understand the above notions should any legal complications arise. If this is an attempt to contact the ZEQ2 staff concerning legal matters, please use the following email : [email protected]

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