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Happy New Year!

First, I would like to thank everyone for playing ZEQ2-Lite! Not forgetting to mention the help and support we have had from forum members reporting bugs and making new content for others to play, it’s been a great success. Thank you!

Public Beta 2 is what a lot of people are waiting for, but first an explanationon how it works in terms of development :

The ZEQ2-Lite team is not the sole contributor to the game, anyone can help make content and help out with the code side of things, it is an open project! The more people that help contribute, the faster a Public Beta 2 will come. For example, if you wish to contribute a character or a map, all you need to do is post in the forum that piece of work. If it meets the ZEQ2-Lite’s quality standards, then it can be contributed to the current Team Build (latest version of the game being worked on), and you also get access to the Team Build if you need to fine tune animations or attacks etc.

When it comes to helping out with code development, it would be better to contact the team either through the forums or IRC channel, available from the Chat tab at the top of this blog. This way we can give you access to the latest Team Build source code via SVN, as the source that is available with the Public Beta is, as you can imagine, out of date. The team build source code now has Linux support, so if you’re a Linux developer that wishes to help out that is now available as an option thanks to JadenKorn. Mac OSX builds we are still having problems with, due to the team not having a Mac to develop on. So any Mac developers out there that want to see ZEQ2-Lite running on those machines, contact us!

Lets work together to make a great free game for as many platforms as possible.

Early on in 2010 we will hopefully get the time to write a mapping tutorial for those that wish to help out with that type of content. There is no limit to the content we need! And then later on perhaps a tutorial on how to take your modelled, skinned, rigged and animated characterin game.

New things to look out for in the next Public Beta?

  • New Skeletal Animation System dubbed zSkeleton
  • Raised limit for number of skills per character
  • New maps ‘Desert Duel’ and ‘Last Stand’
  • New characters ‘Krillin’ ‘Vegeta’ ‘Saibamen’
  • Fine tuned and bug fixed Melee and Skills system
  • Possibly more content …

A big thank you to everyone on the team for pushing through the tough times!

Domitjen won the ZEQ2-Lite Tournament and managed to get a copy of the Team Build, congrats to him!

Lets have a great year!


  1. ESFER25 says:

    Wow, 1st comment xD.

    Happy new year all 🙂

  2. kidgoku says:

    wow that was cool

  3. JoGoCrazy says:

    good 2010 to everybody!

  4. Zerox says:

    Happy new year and keep doing a great game

  5. Jou says:

    What do you think when this gonna be released ? I bet IN 2 months

  6. Lykill says:

    Hey guys. Its been a long time since i commented. i watched the new video clip and must say its looking good. cant wait. Love ur work will always come and take a look at how things are doing, and dont leaves in the dark guys. we love the teasers u guys post. i will love to see some more. thanxs for the awesome DBZ game.

  7. m|mike says:

    Love the gallick gun purple aura!
    great job!

    keep up!

  8. phil says:

    were do i get the 2nd beta email me the link if you finished it

  9. Azurite says:

    Phil, you’ll find it in the download section when it’s released.

  10. Silver says:

    Is this project dead

  11. Chris says:

    Thats what I was wanting to know???

  12. The Bean that is Old says:

    It’s not dead, the team are just spending lots of time on it to make it extra snazzy for us! Which is most kind of them.

  13. Dissapointed says:

    I think the project is dead…So sad.It showed a hell of a lot of promise..Hope you guys pull through this.Best wishes and good luck

  14. silver says:

    comn dont die plz get back up heres a revive potion

  15. It not die says:

    Is it aliv

  16. Azurite says:

    Still very much alive.

  17. Silver says:

    When will there be a release give us atleast 1 stupid thing

  18. XBladeist says:

    Hey ya soo i downloadded thte game and i should say it s pretty good i would like to know how do you transform add stages and save the character power lv if that’s possible of course.

  19. VisualBlack says:

    Azurite I need to tell you, why not visit the forums. 🙁

  20. djsutton says:

    when do would you think the game will be out

  21. derrick2010 says:

    derrick2010 is may name not djsutton

  22. Azurite says:

    Fuck all this bullshit, this is stupid!
    The beta2 will never be released -.-
    fuck the faggots who made all of us wait so much, its 2011 and no beta 2 :c

  23. Bloodraw says:

    Please realease the beta 2 and don’t stop working on this project! It is a great start!!!

  24. Son-Goku96 says:

    Download link???

  25. goku says:

    THIS IS FANTASTIC IS ANYONE SERVER OF ZEQ2 LITE my ip adress is try to connect me at 6;0clock

  26. goku says:

    hey try to connect me between 6’o clock and 6:30 ok ip adress bye bye

  27. goku says:

    I think this game is the best zeq2 lightning

    and you never ever had

  28. goku says:

    happy new year and happy zeq2 lightning power

  29. gokuchan says:

    who ever online here this so you can play with me this is the thign spo yuo can get into my server

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