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Posts from ‘March, 2011’

Revision 1538:

Changes: Added inner aura effect. Fixed lock on animation in controls menu. Changed fatigue defense to 10% instead of 1%.  

Revision 1536:

Changes: Missile attacks can now be fired from the ground without self-exploding. Attack costs now scale with current power level. General attacks charge more rapidly/readily. Overpowering is now limited based on a factor of 50% of your taken damage. Continuing to overpower beyond your limit while this factor is depleted will rapidly cause fatigue. Overhealing […]

Revision 1533:

Changes: Fixed Nappa’s skin files — Nappa is functionable again.

Revision 1532:

Changes: Began the rebalancing process for Characters. Still unfinished. Added under water bubble effects. Aura specific underwater bubble effect.

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Revision 1524:

Changes: Added sound attacks for Vegeta(gallickgun) Piccolo (superkiball) Edited sound attacks for Finalflash,Raditz purplebeam. Added new Nappa jump sound. Failed block struggles should now properly result in an explosion. Resolved crash issue related to missing client or custom sound (falls back to warning and null sound) Recompiled with mscv which should serve for a more […]

Revision 1502:

Changes: New struggle system: You will now either swat the beams/kiballs away or get burned by them, they won’t swat away automaticly anymore. Still unfinished though. Chatcrash fixed, this should fix every unknown command error crash which is about 60% off all crashes. (Doesn’t apply for : opstack error,uknown ballflip/taunt sound/ signal 11). Added better […]

Revision 1488:

Changes: Vegeta Super Saiyan forms has all his attacks back Reduced hunkmegs to 512 to reduce a certain amount of crashes.

ZEQ2-lite Development SVN

First, a precursor.  As many of you know,  ZEQ2-lite has (encouragingly) been under full community/contributor development for well over a year and a half. During this time various artists, programmers, and other DBZ/game enthusiasts have stepped forward and offered their skills/time to help improve the project’s open source nature by coding additional features, fixing bugs, and […]