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Revision 1536:


  • Missile attacks can now be fired from the ground without self-exploding.
  • Attack costs now scale with current power level.
  • General attacks charge more rapidly/readily.
    Overpowering is now limited based on a factor of 50% of your taken damage. Continuing to overpower beyond your limit while this factor is depleted will rapidly cause fatigue.
  • Overhealing is now limited based on a factor of 33% of your taken damage.
    Balanced attacks to match goku’s (New energyAttacks system).


  1. latonya says:

    how can i get on

  2. masta_gangsta says:

    And the game will be out or not ?

  3. PSTER says:

    is it possible to download this without using SVN?

  4. Ninjasaid says:

    How do get The Namek Map

  5. chris says:

    cant play in full screen why?

  6. alan says:

    q asco da esta pagina ni links de descargar da

  7. tyrek says:

    u can play it in fullsreecn and namek map is on there

  8. tyrek says:

    u can guys i got it and part 5

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