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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

ZEQ2-lite Official Forums

In response of recent requests, ZEQ2-lite now has a set of complimentary forums to match the blog. For those of you who were registered at the previous ZEQ2 site, you may continue to reuse your previous user-name. Keep in touch on the forums with project discussion, bug reporting, feature suggestions, and more!

ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 2 Preview : Krillin

Note : This character will not be available until the next version of the public build is released. Krillin joins the fray, with some unique skills that are enough to outwit even the most powerful of warriors in the universe. His skill set includes: Scattering Beam Shot, Kamehameha, Destructo Disk and Solar Flare.

ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1 Play Guide

Important : As usual, please bare in mind that all game mechanics/features are prone to change radically from extensions and fixes in future revisions as the current version IS merely in beta stages. Walking is a type of movement performed while the player is on the ground. While plans exist in the future to extend […]

ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1

ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1 can be downloaded using Subversion at the following : https://zeq2.com/lite/SVN/Build For those of you unfamiliar with Subversion,  please follow this simple guide. Be sure to check the link as you should NOT download the files manually in your browser. NOTE: Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package is required to play the game. […]

Simple SVN Guide

Download Tortoise SVN. Install. Reboot Computer. Create a new folder anywhere. Right click folder and select SVN Checkout Enter the URL of your repository and hit ok. Wait for all files to download to the folder. Launch program and enjoy You may right click the folder and perform an SVN Update at any point later […]