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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

Revision 1643:

Changes: Removed nomipmaps keywords in non-interface shaders for increased performance. Added nomipmaps keyword support to stages. Added mipOffset keyword support to stages for controlling which mipmap is used. Added r_mipBias (default to -1) to control overall mipmap offset (texture sharpness in this case). Added r_mipBase/r_mipMinimum/r_mipMaximum to set the starting/minimum/maximum mipmap level allowed. Started work on […]

Revision 1639:

Changes: Temporarely removed buildings from lookout – Platform is now using collisions. Removed unnecessary build files. Adjusted instant air brake to a single frame. Changed & simplified connecting/loading screens. Started preliminary support for point-based gravity (toggle with g_pointGravity) Adjusted some control namings. Jump timing is now only impacted when button is held while near ground. […]

Revision 1629:

Changes: Added expanded Namek map (Work In Progress). Added Kami’s Lookout map (Work In Progress). Removed unnecessary alpha channel from several textures.

Revision 1620:

Changes: Added upcoming serverbrowser graphical assets. Address/port now auto-filled on active server change. Both manual/auto entry use the same methods. Fixed issue with number of buttons decreasing if back was pressed at server-browser screen. Removed thumbs.db files that were sprinkled about. Moved the lockedTargetPS variable to it’s proper usage scope to ensure resetting. Supplemental work […]

Revision 1609:

Changes: Removed older/unused interface assets. Updated slider and radio button graphics. Updated logo textures to me more contrasting. Adjusted some menu colors. Began reworking fog code for auto-adjusting for important attacks. Hooked up many keywords for capability states for players (canFly, canZanzoken, etc.) Moved all parsed floats to baseStats from stats and hooked up their […]