ZEQ2 Lite Rotating Header Image

Revision 1609:


  • Removed older/unused interface assets.
  • Updated slider and radio button graphics.
  • Updated logo textures to me more contrasting.
  • Adjusted some menu colors.
  • Began reworking fog code for auto-adjusting for important attacks.
  • Hooked up many keywords for capability states for players (canFly, canZanzoken, etc.)
  • Moved all parsed floats to baseStats from stats and hooked up their base in bg_pmove.
  • Adjusted keyword naming for consistency of many tier.cfg values.
  • Added additional keywords for use with the defense system.
  • Removed pulsing text effect from the UI


  1. Eduardo says:

    alguem pode responder?????pf a eu nao sei se o meu ZEQ2lite é o novo ou velho

  2. santiago says:

    q juego q todos deben jugar

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