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Revision 1620:


  • Added upcoming serverbrowser graphical assets.
  • Address/port now auto-filled on active server change.
  • Both manual/auto entry use the same methods.
  • Fixed issue with number of buttons decreasing if back was pressed at server-browser screen.
  • Removed thumbs.db files that were sprinkled about.
  • Moved the lockedTargetPS variable to it’s proper usage scope to ensure resetting.
  • Supplemental work done to properly give widescreen support by fixing the width/height of values to 4:3 ratio (disabled presently).
  • Fixed issue with speed and energyAttack scaling reading from the wrong arrays.
  • Re-arranged and re-enabled many bitFlag/state/options bit values.
  • Fixed missing airbrake event when recovering from knockback.
  • Zanzoken is no longer possible if you have less than 15% fatigue.
  • Fatigue recovery has been disabled while jumping or boosting.
  • Transitioning to flight from a jump now triggers an air brake at 1% fatigue cost.
  • Boosting is now disabled during turbo jumps.
  • Boost cost reduced from 0.3% fatigue cost to 0.2% per 150ms.
  • Boost now has a startup cost of 5% fatigue.
  • Boost now offers an increased speed bonus for the first second.
  • Walk speed fixed to 1000 units.
  • Jump is now triggered from holding & releasing the jump key rather than pressing it.
  • Jump can now be held for up to 4 seconds to trigger a power jump.
  • Power jumping from a stationary (no movement keys) position will offer 25% more impact.
  • Boosting prior/during a power jump will result in double distance covered.
  • Jumps may now be chained/sequenced by timing a jump withing 500ms of landing the previous jump.
  • Timing a power jump will grant the same jump strength at no charge-up time.
  • Timing a turbo jump will increase the jump height/distance per successful jump.
  • Timing 5 or more turbo jumps will put the player into a “blink” state where they sporadically appear nonvisible.
  • Reworked soar mode to be more simplified. Looping/Rolling aerial maneuvers have been removed and movement keys produce no changes. Mouse movement now possible. Soar mode automatically toggles on advanced flight to differentiate the movement type.
  • Soar mode will disable if the player goes below 15% fatigue and will not be possible again until they reach at least 20% fatigue.
  • Soar mode is now free if you have at least 70% fatigue (down from 80%).
  • Ball Flip now only possible on jump descent.
  • Ball Flip in work in progress state (nulls on velocity except downward movement)
  • Ball Flip gravity decreased from 3000 to 1000.
  • Charging an attack while jumping will properly transist the player to flight.
  • Moved all velocity cmdscale commands to a central location.
  • Tweaked slope-surface velocity handling slightly.
  • Added canAlter keyword for tier configs to control if the character is able to manipulate their power level.


  1. Shane says:

    That jump change is totally weird. I would need to see an example to understand how to use it.
    Soaring is a great improvement.

  2. Eduardo says:

    eu nao consigo jogar online tipo com varias pessoas nem com os bots pq???

  3. cameron says:

    lat me got on zeq2

  4. cameron says:

    lat me got on zeq2

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