ZEQ2 Lite Rotating Header Image

Revision 1605:


  • Fixed potential bug concerning the crash state.
  • Fixed potential exploit when jumping while charging an attack.
  • Added support for 3D icons in the hud via the cg_draw3Dicons cvar.
  • Added support for screen overlay effects for damage states, while idle, breaking limit, and transforming.
  • Added support for mesh scaling/offsets per tier/character.
  • Added support for camera offsetting per tier/character.
  • Added support for icon shaders (for animated 2D character icons)
  • Added support for icon state changes for damage states and powering up.
  • Added support for custom crosshairs per tier/character while idle or breaking limit.
  • Started preliminary scoreboard code.
  • HUD will no longer display while using soar.
  • Cleaned/Trimmed cg_draw.c.
  • Added Back Handspring and Power Jump animations for Goku.

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