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Revision 1643:


  • Removed nomipmaps keywords in non-interface shaders for increased performance.
  • Added nomipmaps keyword support to stages.
  • Added mipOffset keyword support to stages for controlling which mipmap is used.
  • Added r_mipBias (default to -1) to control overall mipmap offset (texture sharpness in this case).
  • Added r_mipBase/r_mipMinimum/r_mipMaximum to set the starting/minimum/maximum mipmap level allowed.
  • Started work on r_zFar support (unfinished) for far-clipping.
  • Started work on r_outlinesType support (unfinished) for different outline approaches.
  • Added r_outlinesSmooth keyword for outline anti-aliasing (strange results currently).
  • Added r_outlinesPattern and r_outlinesPatternFactor for outline stippling (unfinished).
  • Unlocked all render cvars from their “cheat only” state for easier debugging.
  • Updated the Linux build.
  • Fixed missing tierDefault values for transforming
  • Fixed order of operation issue that was causing a transformation crash.
  • Fixed buffer overflow.


  1. Newfolder says:

    Someone is still working on this game?? WOW ­čśŤ

  2. gohanson23 says:

    how to download this version?

  3. Lir says:

    how to download this version?

    the program tortoise svn to update zeqlite

  4. Epic says:

    This is not the stable version,so don’t download it.

  5. Super_Sayain_x3 says:

    Good to see progress has been made =D

  6. darkz says:

    idk how to download Zeq2

  7. Epic says:

    There is explanation on how to download

  8. dgjfd says:

    aonde baixa essa versao?????
    da 1 help aew algum br xD

  9. dssdsd says:

    no new updates in two months?!?!!?!?

  10. XxwillisxX says:

    affz ainda nao botaram a atualiza├â┬žao pra baixa q poha

    se alguem descobri onde tem a atualiza├â┬žao pra baixa
    mas tenke ser a 1643
    me add no msn:[email protected]

  11. dskmdlkadj says:

    how download last version say ortoise svn to update zeqlite but whare i dowload lol fuck!

  12. coreyon21 says:

    love that game how do i download other ones

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