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Revision 1488:


  • Vegeta Super Saiyan forms has all his attacks back
  • Reduced hunkmegs to 512 to reduce a certain amount of crashes.


  1. gotenn34 says:

    in zeq2 lite when i want to join some server it says: protocol 75 in use someone pls help i like this game but it is boring to play alone!!!!

  2. dbz says:

    i hate this freaking game

  3. dbz says:

    fuck i hate this game

  4. dbz says:

    i cannot download it

  5. dbz says:

    i hate this game because when i download it it did not open it all said error

  6. DarkVegeta55 says:

    Suck my dick bitches im having the fucking time of my life!

  7. Sakata says:

    Fuck everyone who said this game sucks. This is a good game coded in C++ or whatever. Hard to make this kind of games as it requires a lot of man power.

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