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ZEQ2-lite Public Beta 1 Play Guide

Important : As usual, please bare in mind that all game mechanics/features are prone to change radically from extensions and fixes in future revisions as the current version IS merely in beta stages.


walkWalking is a type of movement performed while the player is on the ground. While plans exist in the future to extend the maneuver to more dramatic results as well as granting the ability of a mobile form of altering one’s power, it currently is simply used as a defense bonus. Hold Shift while pressing the movement keys when on the ground to perform a walk.
dashDashing is the standard movement type while both on the ground and in the air. It provides a moderate movement speed and no particular bonus or defect. Hold the movement keys to dash.
soarSoaring is a specialized movement type reserved for air movement only. This is the fastest long-distance movement type available. While soaring, your character will have limited maneuvering capabilities and no battle techniques available. As long as your fatigue is above 80%, soaring has no cost. Otherwise, a very rapid rate of fatigue occurs. Hold Space while in the air to enter soar mode. While soaring, the  movement keys slightly effect pitch/yaw. You may tap Q/E to do a spin roll or fly up /fly down for a loop roll.
jumpJumping provides a means to cover large distances of space while on the ground. It is the only base movement type that is airborne, yet receives the limited lock-on benefits of being on the ground. Jumping is performed by pressing Space while on the ground. Speed Jumps are rapid succession jumps performed by holding a movement key while jumping. They cover very little ground, but do so rapidly at a lesser fatigue cost. Power Jumps are slower, more lofty jump types performed by jumping while holding no movement key. This type of jump covers a large distance at a moderate cost of fatigue.
zanzokenZanzoken movement allows the player to cover a small-medium distance at a near instant speed for a moderate fatigue cost. While performing this movement, the player will pass through most objects — although energy attacks can still make impact. The technique is performed by pressing and holding Z.

The sensing area is a region located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This region gives vague feedback about the position of particular power signatures and how they relate to your own current power capacity.

sense1Energy Markers are indicated in the sensing region by circles. If a character in this area has a lower power level than your current is, he/she may be mostly transparent or not visible at all (concealed). However, when a player has a greater current power level than your own, they will appear as a red circle of varying saturation — bright red meaning MUCH higher.   Use this information to your advantage to target players that are near your power level,  but be wary of those who have masked their true strength.
sense3Surge Indicators will appear in the sensory region if a player exerts a sudden amount of energy — typically by expending energy in a boost or raising his/her power level. These appear as red glows around the existing energy markers.
sense1Threat Indicators within the radius of sensing of your character flash to the screen when a large concentration of energy is being amassed. This usually occurs from a very large energy attack that is being charged. Threat indicators are presented as exclamation points along with an audible danger noise.


meleeStarter Hits trigger when you have successfully engaged your opponent by approaching them close enough while moving forward as long as they are not already engaged with you. Depending on the start type used, various series of events will occur. If you approached normally without pressing boost, a speed melee sequence will occur with drifting in your favor. When the player approaches while holding boost for less than 2.5 seconds, a standard starter hit will occur with results depending on if your opponent blocked/evaded/starter hit back. Finally, if the player holds boost for more than 2.5 seconds prior to engaging an enemy, an automatic knockback hit type will result.
evasionEvasion simply provides the player a means to avoid the enemy’s melee attack entirely, thereby causing additional fatigue to them. To evade attacks, hold back movement while in a melee sequence.
meleeBlocking.jpgBlocking during a melee sequence is accomplished in the same manner as normal blocking — that is, by holding the Ctrl key. While blocking, the defending player will take reduced damage from all attacks.
knockbackKnockback style charged attacks are useful in sending the opposing fighter far into the distance stunned. Pulling off a knockback melee attack is merely a matter of pressing and continuing to hold the right mouse button until it automatically releases. Optionally, you may hold the left or right movement keys or the fly up or fly down movement keys to control the direction of the knockback hit. This attack generates a small amount of fatigue.
airBrakeInstant Air Brake is only available when you have been knocked back.  Consuming a moderate amount of fatigue, the player can opt to cause the knockback sequence to end instantly by using this technique. To activate this action, press the right mouse button while knocked back.
Gradual Air Brake is only available while you have been knocked back. By holding the left mouse button, your character will cut the knockback time down by half, but travel at only half the normal knockback speed (making him/her susceptible to attacks). This air brake type has no energy cost.
Drifting is the result of one side of power initiating the starter hit and causing both players to fight/move in the defender’s direction. While controlling the drift during a speed melee skirmish, your damage will be improved slightly. To regain control of a drift that you do not control, perform a speed breaker hit.
Speed Melee, a staple in the DBZ universe, is a flurry of rapid hits used to quickly accumulate damage to the opponent. To perform this maneuver, hold forward movement while in a melee sequence. If the opponent evades this technique, fatigue will be generated on the attacker. Boosting will increase both damage performed and fatigue caused.
Speed Breaker attacks are designed to interrupt the enemy momentarily if they are using speed melee, evasion, or zanzoken. To perform a speed breaker, press the left mouse button. Attempting to use a speed breaker while the enemy is charging an attack will result in a brief stun as their hit releases.
Charge Breaker attacks were built for the purpose of interrupting an enemy that is charging a power or knockback melee hit as well as blocking. To perform a charge breaker, press the right mouse button. Attempting to use a charge breaker while the enemy is using speed melee will cause the speed melee user to land multiple hits automatically.
Power Stun melee hits result in the enemy keeling over in pain for an medium period of time, leaving the attacker able to perform any other technique. To execute a power stun, press and continue to hold the left mouse button. After 1 second has elapsed, the attack will automatically release. This attack generates a small amount of fatigue.


blockStruggling.jpgBlock Struggling will result if you are blocking and an attack with a greater power level than your own makes contact. During this time, the character will extend his/her arms and attempt to repel the attack in the direction of the crosshair. As with any struggling type, you may speed up this process by holding boost.
energyFuel1.jpgzanzokenEnergy Attack Struggles come about after two energy attacks of high power collide with one another. The attacks will attempt to overpower one another by steadily draining energy. When one attack has a significant lead, the superior attack will begin to drift towards the opposing attack’s source. Any attacks may struggle, but the duration and mechanics depend on the energy type. In beam attacks, you may feed extra energy to the attack before and during it’s struggle to increase it’s power by holding the boost key.



Attack Primary is the primary skill of the skillset that is selected. This attack is used by holding/pressing left mouse depending on the skill type.
Attack Secondary is the secondary skill of the skillset that is selected. This attack is used by holding/pressing right mouse depending on the skill type.
Attack Requirements are given to certain skills before they become available on the hud for usage. This may include being in the air, reaching a particular power level, being underwater, having enough health/energy, etc. Aside from selection requirements, attacks typically require a considerable charge time. The crosshair will become blue when an attack is ready & able to fire.


blockingBlocking enemy attacks becomes crucial in moments where you are unable to move or otherwise do not have time to react. While blocking, your character will automatically receive reduced damage. Additionally, if an energy attack is blocked with a much lower power level, it will automatically be swatted away. However, if the attack has a much higher power level, your character will begin a push struggle to attempt to gain control of the situation. Blocking is performed by holding the Ctrl key.
ballFlipBall Flips serve as a means of helping the player cover extended distances of ground by using a controlled flip at the end of a jump sequence. While performing this action, the player receives a moderate defense bonus as well as having a much more lofty drop sequence. You may perform a ball flip by holding C while in a jump.


flightAir-based combat gives the user great flexibility in movement and superior vision coverage over that of ground combat. The Soar movement type and some skills are only usable while in the air. To enter flight mode, press the R key while on the ground.
zanzokenGround-based battles offer players a means to escape the clutches of an air pursuer. While on the ground, you have an added defense bonus, access to the jump movement type, and the ability to NOT be targeted by someone in the air. Being as the ground is an impedance, explosions are more of a threat. To descend to the ground while in flight, hold the C key until the character lands. Additionally, the quick-drop approach can be employed for automatic dropping by holding F then pressing the C key while in the air.


Allows the player to focus his senses on a particular player — responding to their movements and honing all attacks on the target. The crosshair will turn red when a player is targeted.


Automatic player targeting will trigger if the character makes physically contact with another character by moving into them. This will automatically initiate a melee sequence and focus both players to one another.
Manual targeting triggers upon pressing the G key while looking in the direction of your target. The crosshair will snap accordingly as a character-specific audio taunt plays to indicate the focus has shifted.


hudFatigueFatigue is a representation of how tired your character has become. As this statistic accrues, your character becomes much less capable. It presently has a direct effect on : zanzoken distance, base defense, damage dealt by energy attacks, rate at which you can power up, and knockback recovery cost. When your fatigue is full, your character will go unconscious for a short period of time. This statistic will gradually diminish over time as long as you aren’t over your limit. This rate of recovery increases by not moving and/or maintaining a low current power level. Fatigue is represented by a silver bar on the HUD, but may overlap as orange or bright red when the character has raised his current power level over the fatigue amount or has suffered both health and fatigue loss. In rare cases, fatigue boundaries may represented by a light orange color when the character’s current power level is raised where there is a loss of both health and fatigue.
hudDamageDamage simply reflects how much physical trauma has been dealt to the player. When the damage bar reaches full (thus no health), the character dies. Damage is represented on the HUD by a dark red bar normally.
hudCurrentCurrent power level is the amount of power your character has chosen to appear to others as in regards to sensing. A player’s current power additionally effects the following : zanzoken speed, melee damage, stamina recovery rate, and power level growth rate. This statistic is shown as a blue bar by standard, but may also overlap fatigue as orange or damage as light red. It is additionally represented as the number value displayed on the HUD.
hudMaximum Maximum is an indicator of your character’s overall power capacity. If the player attempts to power beyond his/her maximum power level, it permanently raises slightly while simultaneously generating fatigue.   A glowing yellow marker will appear when exceeding your limit.  This statistic determines all energy costs, scales up all damages, and generally affords more luxuries in capability to the player. As damage is dealt to your character, his/her maximum power level is increased respectively. Visually, your maximum power level is indicated by the highest point on your bar.
zpowerLevel Manipulation of one’s current power level is performed by holding the F key and then pressing the respective direction keys to lower or raise it.

Lowering of your power level is accomplished by holding F and pressing the left movement key. Maintaining a low current power level means you will be much more difficult to sense, receive a much better fatigue recovery rate, and receive bonus’ to increasing your maximum power level.

Raising of one’s power level is performed by holding F and pressing the right movement key. Maintaining a high current power level means that your melee damage, zanzoken speed, and other scalar values will be greatly improved. If the player continues to raise his/her power level beyond the maximum, it will increase the stat permanently while also removing some of the damage that has been dealt.

Boosting is a maneuver performed by holding the middle mouse button or holding tab. While boosting, the character will move at an accelerated rate and be able to charge energy attacks more quickly. Boosting generate a steady flow of fatigue at the cost of these gains.


Resting is a basic principle that is often overstepped by newer players. If one constantly boosts and attacks aggressively without taking the time to recover fatigue, they’ll quickly find themselves lying on the ground defenseless under a furious barrage of blasts.
Powering beyond your characters normal limit is a sure-fire way to give you an advantage over a lesser opponent. By maintaining and fighting at a low current power level as well as taking non-explosion damage without dying, you’ll be able to very quickly reach new plateaus faster than someone who is not holding back energy.
Hiding is an important tactic when the player finds themselves outclassed or just otherwise overwhelmed by the capability of the opponent. This usually involves lowering power level to a bare minimum to avoid sensing as well as avoiding any flashy movement like zanzoken, soaring, jumping, etc. A good player that can know how and when to retreat successfully from battle to find an adequate hiding location to heal can live to fight another day.
Zone Usage is a critical facet to a strong play-style. Observe the enemy’s preference of ground over air and use his usage of energy attacks / melee to form opposite zones. A strong ground based offensive will give you a great edge over blind fires and most energy attacks as long as you are wary of very large explosions and those who excess in melee.
Cost Managing will allow your character to stay in the game much longer. Pay special attention to the consumption of energy for all of your actions. Use energy boosting sparingly, avoid soaring when fatigued, and make sure to keep your current power level is maintained so spill-over fatigue doesn’t result from over-usage. Knowing the right movement type to use in the right situation for offense/defense can make all of the difference to out-lasting your opponent in the long run.
Tyrants occur when an enemy’s power level greatly surpasses your own. In such cases, you’ll be heavily outmatched in melee and take severe damage from most energy attacks. Use this to your advantage. Relying on damage from a more much powerful opponent will allow you to accelerate your own power level very quickly. Use a strong defensive tactic, avoid melee, and succor the enemy into using fast, weaker attacks to land hits. In the event of a highly skilled player with a much higher power level, make use of single strong attacks to break their defense or team up with several others to keep the enemy in place and stunned while such attacks can build time for preparation. If all else fails, reliance on a team power struggle can make all the difference in causing havoc damage-wise.


  1. Gohan says:

    how to turn ssj

  2. gotenn34 says:

    hold f+w

  3. ahmedtone68 says:

    how to play server

  4. darckside says:

    to turn ssj press f+d to charge and press f+up

  5. PhanT0m says:

    Why isnt my “f” key doing anything? 😀

  6. Wpic man says:

    How do u turn ssj i press f+w and noting happens i wanna go ssj kaioken anything except normal please help 😀

  7. Ninjasaid says:

    how do you get bot’s or new character

  8. Rail says:

    On Goku, press F+D and charge till your at 9000 PL and then press F+W to go Super Saiyan, reach higher powerlevels to go to higher levels of Super Saiyan. Different characters like Vegeta have different PL’s for transformations.

  9. ty frazier says:

    zeq2 cool

  10. tj says:

    how to downlond it

  11. tj says:

    how to tern ssj

  12. Daniel says:

    do you have to download any addons to turn ss1,2,3,4, or kaio-ken? plz respond soon, i need the info…not fun being normal Goku…*sobs*….

  13. 16aR says:

    To turn into ssj1/2/3, you don’t need any addon.
    The only thing you need is to have enough power level (PL) and you are not enough fatigued, otherwise you won’t be able to turn into SSJ.
    For kaioken, you need to be PL 2500, and you can be totally exhausted, you will “transform”.
    For SSJ 1, you need to be PL 9000 (or maybe 8000), but you need to have 0 fatigue so your energy available is over 9000, then you can transform

    The combination keys for transforming up : charge + forward
    The combination keys for transforming down : charge + downward

    When transforming up, you will always transform to the max available for you. If you have enough power, you will transform to ssj3 (the max available for Goku in standard game without addon)
    When transforming down, you will decrease by 1 transformation at each key press. ssj3->ssj2->ssj->kaioken

  14. 16aR says:

    Why did I replied. Rail already told it … :/

  15. aj says:

    this game is cool

  16. ranjeeth says:

    how to fight with other characters in this game

  17. LSSJ_Gogeta says:

    ok guys ssj is f+d till you reach a certain power level then you press f+w or f+up arrow

    for melee you get up close to your opponent

    the bot thing idk how to do either trying to figure out

    in order to add chars to your game you must find a WORKING addon not just some random one. or you can go to the official zeq2 lite website to find out how to download the chars correctly. the site is zeq2.com/lite’

    any more questions go to that site and report to forums, type in the blue search bar what you need, and look for the correct forum, or consult an expert, OR go on youtube and search for a tutorial

  18. wilkner says:

    meu server é esse quem quiser pode entra das 10:00 ás 12;00 e das 6:30 as 11:00

  19. Lopas says:

    Aš mėgstu čiulpti bybį. w+F

  20. caio says:

    cara! primeiro se segura F+D ate o maximo,depois aperta F+W,dai se vai transforma no ssj,joga um poco com ele,depois segura TAB ou espaço e aperta Q,e se vai se o ssj3. depois de joga muito com ele fas o mesmo de espaço e Q pra transforma no ssj4,ele e muito foda!

  21. Rohan says:

    Hey guyz can u give me the link for the latest revisoin for dis game because in my version i cnt play with bots

  22. chris says:

    hey how do you transform ive read everything above got my PL to 9500 pressed f+w and i just moved forward

  23. chris says:

    dw i was useing the public Beta 1 so i downloaded the revision 1536

  24. Goku says:

    How to fight Witch melle ???

  25. Giddiam says:

    how do you turn super sayin

  26. ALEX says:


  27. ALEX says:


  28. goku says:

    i love this game

  29. Gacsam says:

    Ok, used the wrong revision, you need around 8000, then HOLD F and click FORWARD, you should become SSJ, haven’t gotten to SSJ 2 yet, gonna tell later.

  30. Gacsam says:

    Ok, got the needed power level (approximate)
    Kaioken: 2500-3000
    Super Saiyan: 4000-9000
    Super Saiyan 2: 10000-16500
    Super Saiyan 3: 20000-30000

  31. THEBOOM says:


  32. THEBOOM says:


  33. THEBOOM says:

    alex come to my server and turn ssj1

  34. Matthew says:

    Hey guys, i was just wondering how do we increase our maximum power level in the game. Is it by defeating people or just fighting in general how saiyans increase in power after every fight??

  35. ohan1020 says:

    how do you go super sayin

  36. ohan1020 says:

    does anyone want to play 2morrow i can beat all of u i can go super sayin 1

  37. goku says:

    kaio ken

  38. Bardoc says:

    i have ss 4 goku now

  39. adam says:

    how do you fusion with a character or Texture fusion

  40. tehleel says:

    press kiboost butoon and then press charge power and press

  41. Uzair says:

    what is button 13

  42. Gacsam says:

    How to become SSJ 1:
    Increase your power level (Hold F and D) until your power level is at least 9000, then hold F and W, you should become SSJ 1, to get further, just keep increasing your power level.

  43. Tabraiz says:

    plzzzzz someone give me ur id of server

  44. Tabraiz says:

    plzzzzzz someone answer me these questions quickly:how get server?, WHAT IS ADDRESS AND PORT FOR!?!??!, WHERE DO YOU TYPE THE HAMACHI!?!??!?, HOW CAN YOU YOU FIGHT OTHER PEOPLE!?!?!?, what is a Hamachi?

  45. Aldijan says:

    Pres ”f” and aroow up 2X 3X TIMES AND IT WILL WORK

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