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Progess Update

Finally our first progress update!

Things are going well, although lately we’ve lost some man power from Brad with him focusing on other projects and work. He’s the project manager and founder, and coded in our current melee system and power level mechanics, and lots of other things. Power struggles are very solid now, only a few bugs in the system to squash, but we know where they are and pretty certain on how to squash them. Push struggling is really where the problems are at the moment. Sometimes you can get stuck push struggling an attack that just skimmed past you, and other little oddities. We’ll have lots of media on Power struggling and Push struggling once they are 100% rock solid 🙂

But if you want media in some form or another to keep you busy, well here is a little something:

ZEQ2Lite Logo design

ZEQ2Lite Logo design

The idea with this design is to have something that symbolises DragonBall Z’s main theme of the story. What the heroes try to protect, and where the majority of the fights take place. The text is something that goes against the norm, but somehow I ended up making it look a bit ‘Back to the Future’ looking in style, which wasn’t intended. Using the colors used by the main Dragonball Z logo didn’t help either. Any ideas or suggestions for the text? Make sure to leave comments and for the more adventurous ones out there, even post your own designs 🙂

Until next time. – MDave


  1. Simonas (spyxter) says:

    Yay! Finally an update 🙂

  2. TheGodFather says:

    can i download this update?

  3. ColdBlood says:

    hey have a link to download?

  4. buianthony says:

    is this online game u can play with others?

  5. TheXenon says:

    Yes you play this game with others the download link is:

  6. Enio says:

    Where do i get this update:D

  7. PRINCE VEGETA 1 says:

    When will be the beta 2 zeq2 RELEASED ? exactly

  8. digori says:

    no more updates -.- pls i think this game can be one of the good games of DBZ xD

  9. PRINCE VEGETA 1 says:

    LET THEM UPDATE THE GAME ‘digori’ BECAUSE THEY HAVE GREAT IDEAS AND IN GAME WE WILL HAVE THE STORY MODE AND THE MULTYPLAYER MODE and in the game the story mode may have the part whit vegeta and frieza that would be the greatest thing i’ve had to see in a fighting game OO and good luck for more updates ZEQ2 team and make it as posebli faster as you could

  10. brollymaster says:

    this game is so awsome i made freeza and zarbon but not sure if i should release them. They look great. but i was unable to get animation for zarbons ki blast (other moves are good). I almost finished brolly jus need to add more animation. should i release?

  11. Malek says:

    Broly release zarbon and broly and freeza plz and we will help ya !!!!

  12. Malek says:

    We want other updates !!!

  13. Nurotic says:

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to say i have been looking for a good dbz/dbaf mmo for a long time now, looking at the screenshots and vids from youtube i have to say it looks very nice. i am downloaded now and will be sure to spread the word to help you all find more manpower if at all possible. Ill post again after i actually test the game for myself, but anything mmo with DBZ will definatly sooth the craving for use that really dont get into the 360 version of online play for DBZ. Best of luck and dont lose hope, it will be finished one day. In the famous words of goku -stomech growl- CHI CHI Im hungry.

  14. Dusty926 says:

    i can’t wait until the next update! and when will you guys give me real links instead of links that tell me whats in the thing?!

  15. chri says:

    where do i get this update

  16. Tamel says:

    I Need the story mode

  17. pat591672 says:

    can we please get an ETA of when the public beta2 will come out?

  18. pat591672 says:

    btw if u see some1 named Djosama on the forums.. thats me

  19. CompuLOL says:

    I think that the overall logo is way too bluish; ‘ZEQ’ text should be tainted a little bit green to make it stand out a little more, without the need to be oversized. It would go well with the earth theme as well.

  20. ahmad says:

    why me the games he beug?

  21. resasuke2 says:

    brasileiros tambem jogam zeq2!! como eu!!! e estou ansioso para o public beta2 e kuririn!!!!!

  22. lolish says:

    how cau u make bots on zeq2 ??????plz reply

  23. riddick says:

    mm fixe o novo release adorei

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