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Long over due news post!

Yes, it has been about 6 months since the last news update, we’re sorry about that!

It’s been a busy time for the team in terms of Real-Life, with some of us in work or education of some sort, but don’t worry! Progress has been made, as you might have seen if you visit the forums.

So, what news do we have for you?

First off, I wish to thank all those that donated to help keep the website and SVN development repositories going! These are the people (forum nicknames) that donated:


Big thanks go out to them!

Next up, progress news!

Nappa has been going through some final touches, he’s pretty much ready to join the fight. Thanks go out to Blaize and TRL!

Damaera has rigged up those pesky little green men, Saibamen! Modelled by Blaize, and textured by DarkLink, here he is:

Nielsmillikan has helped out by contributing his Chiaotzu character! Here’s the latest WIP screenshot of him:

In other news, lots has been going on with upgrading the visual effects you will witness in the next public beta, thanks to the work of void adding in GLSL support! Check the forums for the lengthy development posts! 😉

Also, JadenKorn our resident Arnold, has been working with the code as well to better organize and keep it up to date with the latest ioquake3 sources. This also means, portability to other machines that are capable of running ioquake3, like Linux, Mac, and also including the Pandora handheld!

Next up, we have a trailer for some of what you’ll see in the next public beta, thanks to Domi! Take note that the melee seen in this video is not the final thing, thats being redone and tuned up! Enjoy:

Now that the summer holidays have officially started for most people on the team, you should see progress increase rapidly across the field.

Stay tuned.


  1. Acaryus says:

    great, can not wait for those ^^

  2. ESFER25 says:

    Awesome but… those news aren’t new lol

  3. Aceblaster says:

    Wowwwwwwwww Very very nice …. Seems u guyse were busy 😀 😀

  4. Havik says:

    Can’t wait! Looks awesome! =]

  5. Silver says:

    Finally something new look nice cant wait bandai shoud hire you guys!

  6. Gogito says:


  7. Silver says:

    Come on release before summer hope there are servers up

  8. neo says:

    WOW :O:O man that’s awseome 😀 i can’t wait to play it 😀 gj guys keep up the good work 😀

  9. Dusty says:

    OMG! i Cant wait!!!!!!it looks so awesome!

  10. Dusty says:

    awesome work guys! i bet im gonna love it!

  11. dragonizado says:

    hey guys I would say that because he did not put the game bots is that one is very boring because there are times where people can not connect or do not know then I would say if you please in the final zeq2 bots could be made not is that this pressure or anything like that the game is super good but it gets very boring when you go online and one is left alone and no one wants to connect

  12. Prox10 says:

    Muy buen juego

    lo unico que yo no puedo jugar online D:

    pero muy buen juego buen trabajo

  13. Jack21420 says:


    Does anyone know if this is a discontinued project?

    It needs bots beacuse it gets LOVING BORING just doing spirit bombs,Kamehameha’s,etc… over and over again. Im only giving Public Beta 2 1 more month then im done with this.


    If it was a discontinued project you wouldn’t ask, since it would be plastered all over the place.
    Even if it was discontinued it’s Open Source so you’re fully able to create bots for it if it’s in your interest.
    Your question about bots make it sound as if you haven’t tried it over the internet… you should, more fun than dead things like bots.

  14. Silver says:

    Finally vacation whoohoo come on release the game so i can kick some major butt

  15. Prox10 says:

    diganme supuesta mente en las vacacciones sale la beta?

  16. Dusty says:

    im expecting the public beta 2 to be out by september. if it isnt out by then im gonna lose complete control of myself. But keep up the grreeeaaattt work guys! 🙂

  17. Tamel says:

    yall i jus created a hamachi its called Dbzkller21

  18. Silver says:

    Is it dead again? you will see rapid improvement across the field yea right its been like a month

  19. Silence says:

    This game ever have suckers donators.

  20. Silver says:

    learn english!

  21. Silence says:

    stfu -.-”

  22. Silver says:

    Are u a little child u wanna battle then come on servers

  23. Silver says:

    lol the site was offline

  24. Silence says:

    come to asisdead.no-ip.org lammer

  25. Cazzz says:

    Please dont take too long on the release of public beta 2 because i cant wait!

  26. Silver says:

    I think it’s dead

  27. Birdie says:

    Post another news post. At least asking for our help with the references.

  28. pat591672 says:

    lol i saw the way ssj looked in that trailer and i saw the 1 in the mod i downloaded and im like wtf am i using. this isnt ssj goku. i like the 1 the offical team made waaay better. cant wait. i think this will be better than ESF

  29. neo says:

    next update will probably be somewhere near next year :))

  30. SSj3 says:

    anyone wants to fight me plesae

  31. Silver says:

    Plz post something new!

  32. izzo says:

    cool 😀 and hoping for release soon

  33. Svarelis says:

    When it will be relesed?

  34. neo says:

    When it will be relesed?

    when i will see my backside without a mirror :))

  35. myself says:

    when will the beta 2 ever be released it was speculated to be released the beginning of this year and where are we! still waiting

  36. AwayD says:

    screw you! what the heck takes so long? please leave a status message or sth… i think that would be expedient..

  37. Svarelis says:

    Yes,it’s has been a long time and no new news…I gues you work 1 day in a month can you even ride a news…

  38. freegamer says:

    damm, please give us a linux test build

  39. Dusty says:

    [email protected]^$&w$#^*%#@%#*%!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS F***ING DECEMBER AND PUBLIC BETA 2 STILL ISNT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  40. Svarelis says:

    I gues they doun’t even working any more…

  41. pissed says:

    alright, i have wait pb2 1YEAR AND 3 MONTHS still not coming, and last post came about 7months ago. this project is dead everybody DEAD

  42. Gojan says:

    Yo i think its time to say good bye to this game,
    R.I.P ZEQ2 Lite

  43. Dusty says:

    R.I.P. ZEQ2 Lite. It was a great game.BUT TOOK TOO F***ING LONG!!!(either that or most of the guys quit)

  44. WarFang_76 says:

    This game is finally resting in peace(more like pieces because ppl unrelated to the project added chars and maps and made unofficial releases)

  45. 4545-=df says:

    is this project dead

  46. AnxiousNut says:

    I have the same question! How about a little update telling us what’s happening right now? Whether it’s dead or on-hold, just tell us, will you?

  47. Uaffael says:

    i think its dead again

  48. TROLL says:

    Problem? dev team fags?

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