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Revision 1712:


  • Adjusted code aesthetics of cg_view.c file.
  • Fixed issue with player entities effecting local view states.
  • Added barebones for several console command operations.
  • Altered fs_homepath to use fs_basepath instead (no appdata configs!)
  • Added upx utility as part of source tools.
  • Upon transformation, if the current weapon is not selectable, changes to the highest selectable weapon.
  • WeaponNext and WeaponPrev validated in the server.
  • TierNext and TierPrev console commands implemented.
  • Holding F + Next/Previous weapon changes tier
  • Lockon working again. Weapon validation and weapon sync improved.


  1. WaterElem3nt says:

    what are those Revisions? and ow can i download them?thanks for the help:)

  2. maro7854 says:

    When you can download the new version Zeq2?

  3. gokussj6 says:

    well how do i download this zeq2 i want it

  4. NiNo says:

    Hi, always get a error from master serven and cant play, before 14/01/2012 all was fine

  5. Veguetavd says:

    Where and when can i download the new revision? the game doesn’t work from 2 days ago

  6. Domitjen says:

    The master server is down, that’s why the server list isn’t showing. Ask Brad (Zeth) on the forums or irc what’s the deal with that.

    About downloading the revisions, everything is accessable trough Tortoisesvn, and EVERYONE can always at anytime update to the most recent revision. This is explained in both the blog and forums.

    But any revision beyond 1536 is currently not stable and is only for testing/Developing purposes.

  7. Nomekop says:

    ok can i transform at 1536?

  8. Dodinho says:

    Yes in revision 1536 you can transform into SSJ SSJ2 and SSJ3. People, for now, download only 1536, don’t download recent one.

  9. lion says:

    why the master server is down.?

  10. Abvll says:

    aqui ha y un PICTURE MAKER o dieñador grafico que ama dragon ball…
    soy el creador del esf budokai… dibujomuybien GOKUpor ordenador… si necesitan una ayuda para hacerles dibujos de models o mapas o sprites… agregarme al msn y darme la info
    [email protected]

  11. Abvll says:

    here i ask you some hamachi ZEQ2 networks:

    name: ZEQ2 Lite Battle
    Pass: 123

    name: leogone battle server
    pass: 123

    name: leogone ZEQ2 battle
    pass: 123

    name: stealthrider
    pass: 123

    name: ZeqII
    Pass: zeqii

  12. gotenks says:


  13. FAIRBIEN says:

    Hello dear friends
    in fact, I have a great version of ZEQ2: HEROES OF EARTH ZEQ2. But I can not connect to any servers with this package. if anyone can help me, I’ll be really happy.
    thank you

  14. Furqan says:

    join my hamachi server Zeq2 Litq x pass:12345

  15. Ianbow says:

    Opps I downloaded the latest version

  16. Nomekop says:

    Does somebody know when Revision 1732 is completet and stable?

  17. mohammeddon80 says:

    can u help me I have downloaded ZEQ2 I do not know what to do

  18. gankona says:

    I like it very mcuh ^^. I hope this version comes out.

  19. rodney says:

    i got mostly every zeq2lite game

  20. AGAN says:

    zeq2 goku super sayan

  21. ritrio says:

    ba ba ba donkey fresh!!!!!!!

  22. ritrio says:

    goku is a lengendary

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