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Revision 1732:


  • No more player turning delay when moving.
  • Use no animated camera origin or angles whatsoever if the animated camera has camera locked turned on for a specific animation.
  • Prototype camera tweening, use cg_thirdPersonCamera 5 or 6 to test them.
  • Losing the lockon when behind an obstacle or when enemy uses zanzoken, after losing the lockon, if visual contact is made in 3 seconds, the lockon is set again.
  • Corrected bug that changed tiers automatically when holding F.
  • Fixed weapon validation and synchronization.
  • Removed special conditions for data sync when the lockon is active in the server.
  • Double tap movement buttons for a quick zanzoken.
  • Adjusting quick zanzoken distance and cost.
  • Preventing quickZanzoken when boosting or holding the powerlevel button (F).
  • Organized the controls and create server menu a bit.
  • Added a few fixes and updates from the latest ioquake3 revision.
  • AnimMap frame limit lifted from 8 to 2000.
  • You can now tile an RoQ file.
  • Removed remaining bot codeĀ snippetsĀ from the source code.
  • Removed obsolete CVARs.
  • Added the CVARs g_quickZanzokenCost and g_quickZanzokenDistance.


  1. Richma says:

    Amazing I really like it *_____*

  2. deama says:

    how do I download it?

  3. leogone says:

    yea how?

  4. snake says:

    here it shows how you can download it

  5. franco_15 says:

    why bot snippets removed? WHY!?

  6. Thienhawar says:

    1st.extract it to ZEQ2-Lite The Main Folder
    2nd.Play it
    3rd.Dont Have A Player On Internet ??
    4th.Bot Snippets Remove ?
    5th.That’s All
    6TH. Help me please

  7. Domitjen says:


    Revision 1536 has alot of players on the internet. Any revision above it is only for testing/Developing purposes, so there won’t be any servers for those revisions.

  8. Kodock says:

    Ok FINALY I found out how to download it.

  9. DungGamer says:

    I’m a fan of this FAN’S game. I have an idea for ZEQ2 lite creators;Delete ALL new revision and do it ALL again from revision 1536 because revision 1732 has SUPER SUCK characters,map,ect… revision 1536 has more beautiful chars; all you have to do it FIXED revision 1536 is : Fix CAMERA Lock bug; a bit bug animation, Add more chars, add bots and THAT ALL

  10. zeq2 says:

    Any Breakthroughs or developments regarding “BOTS”?

  11. chris says:

    i cant play full screen its only windowed why?

  12. chris says:

    oops wrong one i ment 1536

  13. Nomekop says:

    when is this patch finisched?

  14. Nomekop says:


  15. RebornDragonBall says:


    of course. That is why we can’t download the new revisions. By the way make some more ZEQ2 youtube vids.

  16. Nomekop says:

    how long should we wait that we can play the revision 1732?

  17. DungGamer says:


  18. oscarstg says:

    the game nedd this changes:
    pardon for my englih):
    more movement imagen,for example,turn left,the imagen is very fast,nedd some more imagen in all movement.
    the attack are very fast,need change the mode of attack(new option:more sloww,the camere more out of chars(mode play 2),the attack of puchn need some imagen for make attack(i dont know how make attack),.there are much chars(o person),but need more changes of priogramations.
    for the moment is good the game,but need this changes and some more………….mode history

  19. rai says:

    the game doesent need any changes it only need is playing you can play it on the internet more fun you can fight with the wworld
    and my name in that game is raif

  20. rai says:

    dung gamer
    your curiouse a’rent you

  21. tj says:

    how do i download that game i want to play it

  22. goku says:

    how do i add characters?

  23. Pollito says:

    Hello everyone i have an issue with linux amd64 game start normally but whet i join a server characters & stage looks wireframe &black grouns need help Thanks!!

  24. Pollito says:

    Hello everyone i have an issue with linux amd64 game start normally but whet i join a server characters & stage looks wireframe &black grouns need help Thanks!!!!

  25. LC22 says:

    How to download revision 1732?!

  26. grandmaster says:

    can someone give me the link for revision 1732

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