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Site Performance

Until the site’s performance issues are sorted, the SVN, file downloads, and forum attachments have been temporarily disabled.  Please visit our IRC channel for information and files during this time.

Update : 03/23/12 10:08 : SVN and file downloads have been re-enabled.
Update : 03/23/12 13:58 : Forums disabled as part of unit testing routine.
Update : 03/24/12 12:14 : SVN and files re-disabled.  Migrating forums to new server.
Update : 03/24/12 22:09 : SVN re-enabled.  Forums now on alternative server (testing phase).  Files redirected to offsite mirrors.


  1. zeq2 worried says:

    pls fix this i want to play i already downloaded the tortoise but u guys disable it

  2. zeq2 says:

    The download from the website works too.

  3. XxwillisxX says:

    ¬¬ so pq hoje to com net nao posso atualiza o zeq e restaura uns arquivo corrompido

  4. @revision says:

    hey update it already (revision 2000) and chars or just make 1732 stable version

  5. rai says:

    do you guys want to download ZEQ2-lite goto http://www.indiedb.com/games/zeq2lite/related/downloads
    this site will contain all versions of ZEQ2

  6. rai says:

    just tell me if it does not work

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