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Revision 1851:



  • Started reworks on proper widescreen stretching support (unfinished still).
  • Fixed several whitespace/tabulation issues.


  • Removed outdated/non-functional types for forcefield, torch, skimmer, and rift skills.
  • Removed several unused weapon flags.
  • Removed CheckSafety method to determine player safety.
  • WPT_ renamed to skillType for variable clarity.
  • Removed user weapon damage types.
  • Removed unused/unparsed weapon variables.


  • Temporarily removed redundent caching methods.
  • Reduced internet filter types to one.


  1. Newfolder says:

    That’s unbelievable :O

  2. Twilly says:

    Wow an update, cool stuff 😀

  3. Korttana says:

    great! we have back the updates..thanks guys

  4. loller123 says:

    Hi awesome that there is an update again but when are you going to update it to stable i like the newer versions much more then the older one and there are no servers on the newest revision

  5. Seba says:

    Please keep up your work! ZEQ is amazing and can be even better. My friends was shocked when I show them this game!

  6. Naik says:

    I might want to work with you in 3D level modelling UV mapping or whatever.

  7. revoltado says:

    porra não da para baixar que porra é essa tenso vey

  8. joao says:

    muito massa

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