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Revision 1852:



  • Added Rasengan’s Hyperbolic Time Chamber map.


  1. Bailypie113 says:

    YAY, More maps is what we need most. Namek and Desert are getting boring

  2. Twilly says:

    Woah Time Chamber!!!!!

  3. alex.b says:

    where can i download the update?

  4. $Money$ says:

    Cool!!!!!!!! But can you make it so when you use a special move you cannot move like kamehameha or bigbang or anything else that makes you need to charge the move because you never see goku flying around what a kamehameha all charge but if so it does not kill them but make kamehameha so that you can teleport like instant kamehameha so it feel like dbz

  5. cD says:

    where do i get the Time Chamber map

  6. Caiozet says:

    Check the addons forum for more information on these stuff guys.

  7. Arpit says:

    How to download this version ?

  8. Crispy says:

    To all those asking how to download it, you’re not technically supposed to, this is a development build, and as such, completely unfinished and with very few if any servers running this version. However, if you wish to download it, follow the instructions on the download page for the SVN download, but instead of typing in revision 1536, just click “head revision”, or manually type in this revision number.

  9. $Money$ says:

    I have one more thing to ask the zeq2 development team. I have to ask when in blocking mode can you make it so you can’t move while blocking, it doesn’t look rigth like if you’re flying or walking while blocking. I think it would be great if you change that.

  10. Maszek says:

    1. ZEQ2 and ZEQ2 Lite are different projects. ZEQ2 is not released.

    2. ZEQ2 Lite has no development team.

    Now, ignoring the fact that you never bothered to spend 5 minutes learning information about the project.
    I do not believe you can currently disable moving while blocking.

  11. kameyo says:

    download link?

  12. $Money$ says:

    Oh well I was a try and your right about information part because I not get what it mean at all. Unless it putting mods on the game but nothing else LoL. And how was I supposed to know that zeq2 and zeq2 lite was different projects and there did not have development team for the game. I was asking and there do not have to doing if they do not feel like doing it. I only asked because I like the game a lot and so there can make changes is they make the newer version of the game as they are makeing it.

  13. david kitty says:

    how od you get the recent versions?

  14. ~Mehdi~ says:

    How To Download THis Version ? > > > Revision 1852

  15. 임민영 says:

    download now? Revsion1852

  16. stephen says:

    youtube waz up

  17. stephen says:


  18. stephen says:

    how did you get recent version

  19. hey says:

    what download??

  20. goku says:

    howto download this new version

  21. GODBOY says:


  22. Miguel says:

    Puts the download of old characters that you had done and excluded

  23. kakarot2550 says:

    @GODBOY zeq2 lite is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  24. haseeb says:

    please tell me how can i download revision 1852.

  25. kakarot2550 says:

    @haseb just download tortoise and do checkout then in corner there will be “head revision”
    and “revision ____”
    put the number of the revision you whant in here _____ “revision 1852” then press ok and you re done.

  26. Son Goku says:

    how can I download it I tried but I don’t now what do do

  27. user.nf says:

    Test on Ubuntu 12.04 and work.

    Install subversion

    sudo apt-get install subversion
    svn co -r 1852 https://zeq2.com/SVN/Build/ zeq2lite

  28. josh says:

    how do you transform into super saiyan 4 and how do you create characters like on youtube

  29. ;p says:

    when new stable version?

  30. ousama says:


  31. lisao10 says:

    No updates?? Zeq2 Lite cancelled? ITS 2019 AND NO NEWS

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