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Donations for Project Hosting

As part of the biennial routine, donations are now being accepted specifically to cover ZEQ2-lite’s file/svn hosting, website/blog, and forums. More information can be found here

EDIT: Goal reached! 


  1. Goku says:

    De que sirve pagar un hosting, una web pobre y fea si el proyecto esta practicamente abandonado, sin animos….. Tienen pensado en seguir algun dia con el juego?

  2. Twillypop says:

    Oh so more hosting, that is good 😉 The community is still alive and awaiting Zeq2 Lite’s masterful completion!

  3. picolo says:

    cara vou tenta baixar aqui mano

  4. craig says:

    can i play the dbz

  5. craig says:

    can i play it

  6. qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

  7. mazouar says:

    comment servers zeq2-lite

  8. chairman says:

    q cree server zeq2 lite internet

  9. Eagle says:


    ZEQ2-Lite isn’t something that dies from inactivity. The progress (contents-wise) sure have stagnated for a little while now, but it isn’t a priority on the project’s point of view. What is, is peoples learning things on the different domains provided, and see them prosper, on ZEQ2/-Lite, or their own project.

    As for the development, everyone is free to tinker with ZEQ2-Lite(ioQ3)’s systems, as it is an “Open Source” project. The community seems quiet at first sight, but if you search a bit, you will find numerous individuals wanting to help in an informative manner or collaborate/team with others. Everything, is up to you!

    Click my name to private message me (you will need an account on the forums), not about “playing”, if possible..

  10. finalflasher58 says:

    this is awsome

  11. Peedro says:

    O que houve cm zeq2 ? , cade os sservers por que abandonou , kara se tivesse dado continuidade para este projeto taria lucrando mt é uma pena , jogo tao bom

  12. RafaelGamerBR says:

    Aff o que aconteceu jogo tão foda, .-.

  13. gabriel says:

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