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Revision 1666:


  • PlayerState’s attackPowerCurrent and Total is no longer used nor sent over the network.  The variables must stay to maintain cohesion with entityState though.
  • Fixed network code to properly send short int and float types rather than a hard reliance on long int messages.
  • Added playerstate.attackPower variable for management of your currently charging skill’s power level.
  • Removed old applyButton interface asset.
  • Removed duplicate media SVN psd files.
  • Clamped edges of interface shaders.
  • Added simple HUD behavior for displaying attack charge progress and minimum charge required.
  • Charging alternate attack in air while jumping no longer glitches to a faux-flight mode.
  • Removed older unnecessary source files.
  • Added StartFlight function for better handling of triggering flight.
  • Fixed the explosion radius issue. The attacks deal damage EXCPLICITLY in their radius now.
  • Fixed a small inconsistency in goku’s shader file. 



  1. CarlosFGX says:

    omg cool

  2. snake says:

    good work keep going 🙂

  3. Maszek says:

    Two comments out of three are dumb. Good job…

  4. Germanboy says:

    Hey … Its a great job … and it were be cool when you can Make the Sneakeway *_*

  5. killemAll says:

    i see alot of people with super saiyan4 how do i get it

  6. Maszek says:

    Are you people seriously so fucking dumb?

  7. Darkloza says:


  8. valy007 says:

    This is the zeq2 I want!^^

  9. valy007 says:

    hey I can`t connect to other servers… 😐 I click Fight then w8ing 2seconds and back to main menu… wtf?

  10. Maszek says:

    You are not supposed to play this version. Dumb.

  11. Daniel says:

    this looks really cool! when will it be released?? i really want to play it….

  12. mike says:

    How do i download dis game

  13. mike says:

    How do i down load da game

  14. XxwillisxX says:

    essa versao é do capeta olha o “666” nao atualizem é 1 bosta nem servidor tem somente lan ¬¬

  15. SonGolias says:

    XxwillisxX, que comentário desprezível! Esta versão não é estável, é versão de desenvolvimento! Se quer uma versão estável e jogável, jogue a 1536

  16. maliak says:

    how do you download the game

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