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ZEQ2-lite Original Soundtrack

The ZEQ2-lite Original Soundtrack is now available for download as separate component from the game. †Those of you who have participated in the development process or the public beta 1 experiment should be familiar with these tracks as they are an integral part of the (incomplete) project’s experience. All 45+ tracks done (so far) for […]

Revision 1592:

Changes: Removed transformation scripts temporarily. Added Frieza form 2,3,4. (Work In Progress)

Revision 1566:

Changes: Readded the team menu element into the in-game menu Changed maximum powerlevel increase to be limited to 25% of current maximum powerlevel per time applied. Corrected main menu character placement on some aspect ratios. Added character specific transform music for Gokuís SSJ3 script. Corrected Gokuís transform track duration in playlist and SSJ character script. […]

Revision 1555:

Changes: Added support for transform camera sequence scripts. Fixed a dangling pointer bug in parser when parsing tierName. Added transform camera sequence script for Goku SSJ. Added transformationscripts/music. Changed the cellshade bands into screenshot accurate colors. (WIP)

Revision 1538:

Changes: Added inner aura effect. Fixed lock on animation in controls menu. Changed fatigue defense to 10% instead of 1%.  

Revision 1536:

Changes: Missile attacks can now be fired from the ground without self-exploding. Attack costs now scale with current power level. General attacks charge more rapidly/readily. Overpowering is now limited based on a factor of 50% of your taken damage. Continuing to overpower beyond your limit while this factor is depleted will rapidly cause fatigue. Overhealing […]

Revision 1533:

Changes: Fixed Nappa’s skin files — Nappa is functionable again.

Revision 1532:

Changes: Began the rebalancing process for Characters. Still unfinished. Added under water bubble effects. Aura specific underwater bubble effect.

Zeq2lite Promotion Video

Revision 1524:

Changes: Added sound attacks for Vegeta(gallickgun) Piccolo (superkiball) Edited sound attacks for Finalflash,Raditz purplebeam. Added new Nappa jump sound. Failed block struggles should now properly result in an explosion. Resolved crash issue related to missing client or custom sound (falls back to warning and null sound) Recompiled with mscv which should serve for a more […]