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ZEQ2-lite Original Soundtrack

The ZEQ2-lite Original Soundtrack is now available for download as separate component from the game.  Those of you who have participated in the development process or the public beta 1 experiment should be familiar with these tracks as they are an integral part of the (incomplete) project’s experience.

All 45+ tracks done (so far) for ZEQ2-lite have been crafted with love and hand-created by our two talented musicians, Circlerun (Aaron Talbert) and Lycium (Harry Gochi).  They are primarily based on Bruce Faulconer original series themes, but also debut original tracks done in a similar styling as well.  It’s important to note that these are direct in-game representations of the tracks and thus may be quite short or feature abrupt transitions/ending due to how the game’s transitional and dynamic music system functions.

You can get the Saga One and Saga Two ZEQ2-lite soundtrack albums by clicking on the supplied links below.  If enough interest is garnered from their release, a special remastered set of tracks designed for out-of-game listening experiences may come about.

Saga One :
Zip Download
Youtube Playlist 

Saga Two :
Zip Download
Youtube Playlist

Revision 1592:


  • Removed transformation scripts temporarily.
  • Added Frieza form 2,3,4. (Work In Progress)

Revision 1566:


  • Readded the team menu element into the in-game menu
  • Changed maximum powerlevel increase to be limited to 25% of current maximum powerlevel per time applied.
  • Corrected main menu character placement on some aspect ratios.
  • Added character specific transform music for Goku’s SSJ3 script.
  • Corrected Goku’s transform track duration in playlist and SSJ character script.
  • Added cvar cg_playTransformTrackToEnd (default 0), which when set to 1, forces the transform music to play to end when a transform event is started, where such music would play.

Revision 1555:


  • Added support for transform camera sequence scripts.
  • Fixed a dangling pointer bug in parser when parsing tierName.
  • Added transform camera sequence script for Goku SSJ.
  • Added transformationscripts/music.
  • Changed the cellshade bands into screenshot accurate colors. (WIP)

Revision 1538:


  • Added inner aura effect.
  • Fixed lock on animation in controls menu.
  • Changed fatigue defense to 10% instead of 1%.


Revision 1536:


  • Missile attacks can now be fired from the ground without self-exploding.
  • Attack costs now scale with current power level.
  • General attacks charge more rapidly/readily.
    Overpowering is now limited based on a factor of 50% of your taken damage. Continuing to overpower beyond your limit while this factor is depleted will rapidly cause fatigue.
  • Overhealing is now limited based on a factor of 33% of your taken damage.
    Balanced attacks to match goku’s (New energyAttacks system).

Revision 1533:


  • Fixed Nappa’s skin files — Nappa is functionable again.

Revision 1532:


  • Began the rebalancing process for Characters. Still unfinished.
  • Added under water bubble effects.
  • Aura specific underwater bubble effect.

Zeq2lite Promotion Video

Revision 1524:


  • Added sound attacks for Vegeta(gallickgun) Piccolo (superkiball)
  • Edited sound attacks for Finalflash,Raditz purplebeam.
  • Added new Nappa jump sound.
  • Failed block struggles should now properly result in an explosion.
  • Resolved crash issue related to missing client or custom sound (falls back to warning and null sound)
  • Recompiled with mscv which should serve for a more stable base
  • Changed all the tga files into png to reduce memoryusage.
  • Modified the laststand shader. -Resolved crash issue related to missing client or custom sound (falls back to warning and null sound)
  • Fixed naming convention issue with loading custom model damage states
  • Optimized skin/mesh damage states to only attempt to load if file exists.
  • Added battledamage states for all characters except for Nappa and Frieza.
  • Gallick gun’s beamhead has the right color instead of white.
  • Added cg_chatTime. Default is 3500 milliseconds