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Revision 1666:

Changes: PlayerState’s attackPowerCurrent and Total is no longer used nor sent over the network.  The variables must stay to maintain cohesion with entityState though. Fixed network code to properly send short int and float types rather than a hard reliance on long int messages. Added playerstate.attackPower variable for management of your currently charging skill’s power […]

Revision 1662:

Changes: Desaturated Goku’s textures in a cel-band reliant color method test. Changes to Krillin’s .gfrx and .phys to call the destructo disk as a private version of the attack, as well as added sounds for Solar Flare and Destructo Disk. Fixed fatigue recovery at low powerlevels. It is now at least 1 in cases where […]

Revision 1643:

Changes: Removed nomipmaps keywords in non-interface shaders for increased performance. Added nomipmaps keyword support to stages. Added mipOffset keyword support to stages for controlling which mipmap is used. Added r_mipBias (default to -1) to control overall mipmap offset (texture sharpness in this case). Added r_mipBase/r_mipMinimum/r_mipMaximum to set the starting/minimum/maximum mipmap level allowed. Started work on […]

Revision 1639:

Changes: Temporarely removed buildings from lookout – Platform is now using collisions. Removed unnecessary build files. Adjusted instant air brake to a single frame. Changed & simplified connecting/loading screens. Started preliminary support for point-based gravity (toggle with g_pointGravity) Adjusted some control namings. Jump timing is now only impacted when button is held while near ground. […]

Revision 1629:

Changes: Added expanded Namek map (Work In Progress). Added Kami’s Lookout map (Work In Progress). Removed unnecessary alpha channel from several textures.

Revision 1620:

Changes: Added upcoming serverbrowser graphical assets. Address/port now auto-filled on active server change. Both manual/auto entry use the same methods. Fixed issue with number of buttons decreasing if back was pressed at server-browser screen. Removed thumbs.db files that were sprinkled about. Moved the lockedTargetPS variable to it’s proper usage scope to ensure resetting. Supplemental work […]

Revision 1609:

Changes: Removed older/unused interface assets. Updated slider and radio button graphics. Updated logo textures to me more contrasting. Adjusted some menu colors. Began reworking fog code for auto-adjusting for important attacks. Hooked up many keywords for capability states for players (canFly, canZanzoken, etc.) Moved all parsed floats to baseStats from stats and hooked up their […]

Revision 1605:

Changes: Fixed potential bug concerning the crash state. Fixed potential exploit when jumping while charging an attack. Added support for 3D icons in the hud via the cg_draw3Dicons cvar. Added support for screen overlay effects for damage states, while idle, breaking limit, and transforming. Added support for mesh scaling/offsets per tier/character. Added support for camera […]

Revision 1603:

Changes: Renamed requirementHealthMaximum to requirementHealthMaximumPct for consistency and clarity. Put parenthesis in transform requirement conditions back to the way it was. Less confusing, and compiler warns about it otherwise. Set requirementHealthMaximumPct to 100 in tierDefault.cfg and removed the code that sets it to 32767 if it’s 0 in tier config. Needlessly obfuscates the true value […]

Revision 1600:

Changes: Added requirementHealthMaximum configuration which works on a percentage of overall health(will prevent transformations unless health is below the specified amount, except when set to 0) Adjusted the requirementButton configuration to have two versions; requirementButtonUp, and requirementButtonDown. Added Kid Gohan (Work In Progress).